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Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text? This is where the Display Network becomes relevant for your business.

Reach more customers and convert more leads by leveraging the power of visuals through our Display Ad services for your Basic AdWords account. Display Ads are unique, noticeable and markets your business's products and services to a wide range of potential customers by reaching them through the advertisements on the websites that they visit..

Our AdWords team will design Display Ads that are highly relevant to your business goals and generate maximum leads. We provide Display Ads in a variety of pixel sizes based on your requirements. Start expanding your reach today.

What you can expect

Our Basic Adwords Account Setup services for Display Ads are inclusive of but not restricted to:

  • Setting up your campaign's Google AdWords account for Display Ads
  • We will run display ads for all available banner pixel sizes: 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 320 x 50, 468 x 60, 720 x 90
  • Landing page review and recommendations including design suggestion for maximum     conversion
  • Campaign recommendations based on the recent trends.
  • A PPC (Pay Per Click) audit which includes creating a baseline for the current website's PPC performance based on the landing page, analytics etc.
  • Appropriate targeting to reach maximum potential customers
  • Campaign testing and quality analysis to eliminate possibilities of errors.

What we need from you

  • Business name and address   
  • Detailed information about your business and industry
  • Your website's target audience
  • The locations your business caters for
  • URL of the website
  • Core products/services
  • Your budget for the AdWord campaign
  • A briefing on the goals of the campaign


  • L

    L Miller

    The conversion that took place as a result of the Adwords was unimaginable!

  • G

    G Bullas

    Ads run for all possible banner pixel sizes. We could use any size appropriate for our purpose, anytime. And you can always trust their quality.

  • D

    D Evon

    We are very happy with the results of Basic Display Adwords Account set up by Softz Solutions.



Can you work with a website that isn't English based?

We work only with English-based websites.

Can you recommend a daily budget that I should invest?

The daily budget depends on the competition of your business and the cost per click in your niche industry.

Can you elaborate the process of creating campaigns based on my requirements?

When you avail this service, we would require a short brief from you about your requirements regarding the campaigns. Based on that, we will create and install the campaign for you. Some of the considerations that need to be taken into account include the daily budget, the start and end date of the campaign, time when the ads will be run etc.

If you are not sure about your requirements, we will provide the recommendations. You can go through the ads for approval before they go live.

Do I need to provide my direct login details to the AdWords account?

No, you can provide us the access to the AdWords account by creating an invitation to it for us. Remember, you can close this access any time.

What if I don't like the results?

We always try to give you the best possible results with our maximum efforts. However, if you are not happy with results, you can cancel anytime within first 30 days, and we'll give your money back.

What are the payment options?

We accept payment through Paypal.com only for one-time and subscription payment (where applicable). We do not store your credit card information on our website.

What is the response time?

We always try to respond to your questions over email within 2-3 business days.

Who will be working on my campaign?

Softz Solutions is a Digital Marketing agency with over 15+ Years of SEO and Web Managment experience. All our digital marketing experts are working full time with us, and they will work on your campaign in close coordination with different internal teams.