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The attention span of an average human being is 8 seconds. This means that you only have a very short span to create an impact with what you have to say in order to attract the attention of your audience. With a pile of information crowding the Internet, you need to stand out to make your mark.

Your AdWord campaign will hardly be of any use if the ad copy isn't eye-catching. To reach maximum audience and improve conversion, the text needs to be relevant, specific and most importantly, engaging. And that is exactly what our services provide.

People often use Google search to make their purchasing decisions. The contents of your advertisements should help them move ahead through the sales funnel by giving them exactly what they need to make the decision. Therefore, being upfront about what you have to offer and putting it in a way that showcases how it will benefit your target audience can generate heightened conversion.

What you can expect

Our AdWords Text Ad Copywriting services are inclusive of but not restricted to:


  • Thorough keyword research and suggestions based on the business goals
  • Creating highly targeted and engaging ad copies that generate interest and result in maximum clicks
  • Delivering ad copies that match their respective landing pages
  • Our ad copies include the best-performing keywords for the relevant landing pages
  • Responsive text ad copies are equally optimized for all platforms and are highly impactful
  • We create ad copies that are precise, accurate and devoid of grammatical errors

What we need from you

  • Business name and address
  • Detailed information about your business and industry
  • Your website's target audience
  • The locations your business caters for
  • URL of the website
  • Core products/services
  • A briefing on the goals of the campaign


  • J

    J Berry

    Ad Copy optimized for all platforms. Accurate, interesting and impactful.

  • D

    D Fisher

    You will not find a single grammatical error in the Copy! I trust only Softz Solutions.

  • S

    S Owen

    We are most satisfied with the economical rates and the high standards of the Text Ad Copy of Softz Solutions.

  • A

    A Evans

    Ad Copies that match their Landing Pages. Most effective keywords.

  • J

    J Lewis

    The keywords research is first rate. Thank you, Softz Solutions!

  • H

    H Robinson

    Absolutely accurate text that makes marvellous impact on readers and consequently, our business.



Is the process aligned with the current trends?

Our team of experts conduct a thorough research of the current standards and implement the insights to create the text ads. The highest professional standard is maintained to help you improve the prospects of your business.

Which tools do you use to write the ads?

We will utilize the information collected from our thorough research of the industry standards and write compelling text ads for guaranteed increase in traffic to your website.

Will you manage my Google Ads campaign?

This service only extends to writing the text ads for the AdWord campaigns. To find out about the costs of managing your Google Ads campaign, please get in touch with us.

Is it possible to make modifications to the text ads?

You can suggest the modifications that you would prefer in the text ads after we send them to you for reviewing. We would implement these changes. The editing will be done only once. 

What if I don't like the results?

We always try to give you the best possible results with our maximum efforts. However, if you are not happy with results, you can cancel anytime within first 30 days, and we'll give your money back.

What are the payment options?

We accept payment through Paypal.com only for one-time and subscription payment (where applicable). We do not store your credit card information on our website.

What is the response time?

We always try to respond to your questions over email within 2-3 business days.

Who will be working on my campaign?

Softz Solutions is a Digital Marketing agency with over 15+ Years of SEO and Web Managment experience. All our digital marketing experts are working full time with us, and they will work on your campaign in close coordination with different internal teams.