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Planning on using Google Adwords through the Display network?

Visuals can appeal to the people the most and help them experience the brand in a more enhanced way than text. Therefore, the visual components of your banner ad campaigns can produce the maximum impact among your audience.

The perception of the brand relies largely on the visuals and the design of the ad. The right banner design can generate interest among viewers and encourage them to click on the ad to reach the relevant landing page, thus increasing conversion significantly.

Buyers are frequently driven by emotions. Effective advertising campaigns act as triggers that help users become emotionally invested in the product and service. We can create the best design to make the most of your ideas.

What you can expect

Our AdWords Banner Design services are inclusive of but not restricted to:

  • Original, professional and creative design concepts that will appeal to your target audience
  • The designs will be delivered exactly the way you want them within the deadline
  • We will run display ads for all available banner pixel sizes: 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 320 x 50, 468 x 60, 720 x 90
  • The files will be delivered in suitable formats

What we need from you

  • Business name and address   
  • Detailed information about your business and industry
  • Your website's target audience
  • The locations your business caters for
  • URL of the website
  • Core products/services
  • The banner size you prefer for the ad
  • The ad copy   
  • Your choice of color


  • E

    E Carter

    Ads are run on all possible banner pixel sizes. This can be a huge advantage!

  • C

    C Rosales

    The designs Softz Solutions devised for our banners represented our business perfectly. We got a large number of clicks and conversions, as a result.

  • J

    J Walker

    Softz Solutions' professional banner designs have brought us a number of conversions. We are more than satisfied.

  • A

    A Marsh

    Many customers have said that they have been attracted to us through the smart design of our banner. The credit should go to Softz Solutions, then.

  • S

    S Harris

    This company knows how to maintain deadlines. Our banner design, though very customized and complicated to execute, was delivered bang on time and perfectly the way we wanted it.

  • L

    L Willis

    Very original banner designs. We liked them at first sight. No time wasted on making changes.



Do I need to provide a background image for the banner?

If you already have a preferred background image, you can send it to us and we would design the banner accordingly. In case you don't, we can provide the image for you.

Will you use free images or paid ones?

The usage of paid images fuels visibility of the campaign, thus enabling it to reach a high number of users. Compared to paid images, using free images may not generate an equivalent result. You would need to bear the charges of the paid images.

Will you provide the banner text as well?

This service only extends to designing the banner. To find out about the costs of providing the banner text, please get in touch with us.

Is it possible to make modifications to the text ads?

You can suggest the modifications that you would prefer in the banner design after we send them to you for reviewing. We would implement these changes. The editing will be done only once.

What if I don't like the results?

We always try to give you the best possible results with our maximum efforts. However, if you are not happy with results, you can cancel anytime within first 30 days, and we'll give your money back.

What are the payment options?

We accept payment through Paypal.com only for one-time and subscription payment (where applicable). We do not store your credit card information on our website.

What is the response time?

We always try to respond to your questions over email within 2-3 business days.

Who will be working on my campaign?

Softz Solutions is a Digital Marketing agency with over 15+ Years of SEO and Web Managment experience. All our digital marketing experts are working full time with us, and they will work on your campaign in close coordination with different internal teams.