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Creation of Stellar Content

We believe in creating content that can blow away your audience. Our benchmark is to churn out content that is 10 times better than anything found on the same topic. This can help you gain your own fandom and get a lot of Google love in the long run.

Your target market and audience could visit your website, or a niche site related to your website, and we make sure that the content read by them makes them go just “wow.”

Softz Solutions

Here, take a quick peek at some of our

Content Marketing Initiatives-
  • On-site Content Silos and Pillar Posts
  • Wikipedia Links
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Posts
  • Press Releases
    (Story driven and even)
  • Niche Answers
    (From various QA sites like Stack overflow and Quora)
We do all the competitive analysis and keyword research, create the content, determine the best places for content creation and negotiate the publishing dealings for you through an active outreach program.
Softz Solutions
Feeding Rank Brain What it Wants

Google is now using the Rank Brain AI module to track how users read content, interact on social media and websites, always updating and tweaking the database and quality score of your site.

Content with high engagement rates can help in building the quality score of your page. This doesn’t only help in making your page rank high but also helps in building its ability to pass on the link juice to any page it links out to.

Our whitehat content marketing services help you establish a voice in the industry. As industry experts and real people help you create buzz around your content, building your site authority and brand mentions help you rank high on Google.

What We Do
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    Competitive Analysis

    Knowing what you are up against help you focus on achievable results. A detailed analysis can help you reverse engineer what is working in your favor to get you quick results.

  • Softz Solutions

    Keyword Research

    All the best SEO campaigns begin with solid keyword research. Knowing what keywords to target can help in improving your ROI for a successful campaign way ahead of time.

  • Softz Solutions

    Better Content Creation

    Creating content that is ten times better than anything on the same topic – telling Google that you are the expert in your niche.

  • Softz Solutions

    Outreach Programs

    Building relationships with authority sites in your niche can get very challenging. Our created content can help you operate all the things in clockwork.

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