Why Local SEO Is Important?

Why Local SEO Is Important?

When you need some information about a local service, what exactly will you do? Most of the people these days ask on “Google” what they are searching. Google, Bing and other search engines have revolutionized how we learn, collaborate, shop, and interact within the local communities. At present, Google alone has to manage more than 100 billion searches per month from throughout the world. Among them:

  • 4 billion queries that generate from the desktop per month only in the United States have local intent
  • 50% of all the mobile queries have local intent

From these numbers we can conclude that 2 billion unique local searches are performed on Google per month. Though, Yahoo and Bing have much smaller market share than Google, it is estimated that yahoo received 100 million unique visitors a month who are performing local search. The popular search engine are returning local results which are often more relevant than the traditional printed Yellow Pages. Sometimes, the internet users do not have to include any city or geographic terms in the search query to discover local businesses and local information.

Local businesses have to be serious about their online strategies, so that the users can locate them easily. Google expects that every local business should have the information like Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) mentioned on certain other websites like Yelp or Social media Sites. Add your NAP to the HTML of your website. Though, certain local SEOs believe that publishing such information is not that powerful. But having wrong information or not providing the information at all, can affect your business ranking. It is true that the information are not that helpful for ranking, but it is still important for local relevancy.

If you have been around for more than a few months, Google probably has a location listing for your business. When your business is present at multiple locations, you should have a unique landing page for each of the Google Local listing.

Local businesses all over the world want to get their businesses at the top of the local search result. Here are a few tips to start with the Local SEO:

Local listing

Enlisting your business in Google can make a huge difference. A plenty of local results will appear when you search for restaurants of a particular area. You have to ensure that your business appears on the Google Search, Maps, and Google+ also so that the customers can find you, no matter what devices they are using. When you appear on Google, you make it easier for the customers to find information regarding your business online. They can see the contact information, hours of operation, direction, as well as the reviews and the ratings. However, update information as and when necessary. Nothing can be worse than a wrong information.

Keyword research

Selecting the correct keyword has never been so crucial as it is now. Especially, when you are trying to do local search optimization. Keyword in the form of question like Chinese Place Chicago retrieve result like this:

local search optimization

And now take a look at the Google search result for the best Chinese place Chicago. Now, Google search understands the intent of the users much better.

local search optimization 2

Even a few days back, both the search terms would have given you similar results. But, now the results do not bear resemblance to each other. You have to research and determine the best keywords for your business. You will certainly want to see your business in the leading category.
Just tweaking the keywords Google will not be convinced that your business is the best. To make your authority convincible you have to create a website that provide relevant information to the users. The website can have white papers, description of commonly misunderstood terms or interactive FAQs.

Optimizing your website

Once you have your set keywords, the next thing you will like to do is to optimize the website for local search. Include some geo-specific information so that the search engines understand the locations you are trying to target.

When it comes to search results, people are going to consider people are first going to consider SEO title tag, Meta description, or related snippet. Therefore, locally optimize these parts.

Online reviews

Today, customers’ voices play a far greater role in business’ success. There are numerous review sites where the online conversation about local businesses goes on. Every consumer has the right to contribute reviews. The local business owners have to keep a close look on the dynamic conversation and join in when they have to earn loyalty and control damages. You will not be able to control online reviews. You just have to focus on running a great company.

If businesses provide great services or experiences, they can expect from the customers positive feedback. If you are into an industry that does not get a lot of reviews, one or two bad reviews can ruin your business. However, do not feel afraid of that. You have to take the initiative to approach the customers with negative feedbacks and make things work for you.

Inbound links

High quality inbound links are still important for local SEO. The local businesses have to focus their effort to have a quality inbound link profile. When it is about links, quality and quantity are both important. To improve your local search presence you have to earn links from local sources. You have to create content that will get easily noticed in the internet and will be worth linking to. Pursue inbound links from bloggers who write about local news, events, and other topics.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool to grow any business. The social media pages play a crucial role in increasing the visibility of the local businesses in the search result. If you are pro-active on your social media pages, there is greater likelihood that your profiles will have many followers.

You need to develop a social media strategy to engage customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. The more followers and engagement you receive, the page rank in the search result will improve. Engagement can be created by providing updates on new products, giveaways, and promotions. Highlight stories of relevance to your customers. Creating content or posting videos also provide great opportunity for building relationship.

Take decisive and specific actions to gain clear authority online. This will enable your business to generate online leads.

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