Web Content Writing Tips: How to Write Engaging SEO Content

Web content writing is an art if you can understand the core of it. It must be articulate and engaging compelling the reader to take an action.  A good content writer keeps two things in mind – the purpose and the keywords.  However, the purpose of the website you are writing for must be very clear in the mind so that you can distinguish your target audience properly in order to be effective.

So, how can you, as a content writer, create search engine friendly content that is also engaging?

Redundancy: Avoid repeating sentences. Whatever you depict in the first paragraph shouldn’t recur in the paragraphs that follow even if you are writing on an interesting topic. Redundancy can only annoy the readers and drive them away. Be precise. Precision makes it easier for the visitors to memorize what they have read in your site.

Precision: Sometimes content writers tend to stretch a sentence unnecessarily just for the sake of increasing word count. Try to make it short and crisp. If you can describe it in one word use it instead of an elaborate sentence.

Organization: Organizing paragraph and structuring sentences are very important. The combination of simple and grammatically correct sentences and smaller paragraphs projecting a single idea proved to be very effective in web content writing.

Figures of Speech: Using figure of speech might add a new degree to your content. But do not overuse it. While writing web content one should keep it in mind that you are describing a service/product in a way to compel your readers to buy the service/product. And your write up is not going to be archived as a literary piece. Even though web content writing is a creative job focusing on the practical side would help.

Mood: The way you write sets the mood for the readers. It is wise to be suggestive than writing in a commanding note. Touch of subtle humor will nevertheless make your write up even more interesting and acceptable.

Keywords: To make your content search engine friendly you need to maintain proper density of keywords, usually 2 to 3 percent, in the content. The title that is to be used in H1 heading plays a very important role.  Make sure your title contains the main keyword/key phrase.

However, following tips and tricks for better writing can help you to some extent. But there is no alternative to reading.  Just as you like to read good books reading others’ works will help you improve.

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