Video Optimization – Why and How To

Video optimization, that is optimizing the video content in a way so that it shows on SERPs and is able to drive more targeted traffic to the site – is the emerging trend in online marketing.

Why use Video for online marketing? The reason is…

“Videos have a 41% higher click through rate than their plain text versions in universal search results“

Videos are all the rage over the internet. The stats and survey results published by Nielsen shows that video search and watching is rapidly becoming a popular over the internet. There has been significant rise in online video viewership over the past few years. The recent Nielsen report points the emerging trend of video watching –

“The new trend among our TV and Internet homes shows the lightest traditional television users streaming significantly more Internet video via their computers, and the heaviest streamers under-indexing for traditional TV viewership. This behavior is led by those ages 18-34.”

The number of unique viewers is a whopping 143 Million in the middle of the year 2011. From January to June, 2011 online video watching time has grown to 44.5% which is 4 hours 39 minutes per user with an “increase of 4 percent from May” this year.

YouTube, as expected, holds the top position with 8.5 billion video streams and unique 112,764 viewers in the first quarter of 2011. The statistics nothing but reinforces the fact that videos are becoming more and more important in the sphere of digital marketing. If we dig deeper into the facts the largest audience of internet video is the adult lot (age group 35-49 yrs) while growing interest in mobile videos is evident among today’s youth (age between 24 and 35 yrs). High-end mobile phones with increasing display size further indicate that the trend of online video watching is not to die down soon.

So, this is something small businesses can capitalize on.

When you search with ‘soccer training’ it’s a list of videos that appears in the search result page along with website pages.

The search engine is smart enough to know when to include the video in the result page for a particular search term even if there is no mention of the word ‘video’. Or in other words, it knows when a topical video will be of more interest to the searcher and displays results accordingly.

For example a video on “how to train your dog” is much more effective than its plain text counterpart that may not appeal to the searcher at all with boring textual instructions and paragraphs to read.

Secondly, if we become more specific with video search such as ‘dog training videos’ the result is an assortment of related YouTube videos as well as video content from relevant websites.

So, incorporating video in your online marketing campaign can prove beneficial if it is optimized properly.

Now, the question is how to best optimize your videos for search engines?  

There are two ways you can optimize your videos. One is utilizing the video sharing platforms like YouTube and the other is posting video content in your own website.  You can upload video content exclusively on your website and then share it via social networks.

If you are a ‘dog trainer’ or organizing ‘soccer training camps’ or selling products like vacuum cleaner it’s wise that you create a video content for your website as well as YouTube as it is the most popularly accessed video platform.

Google Plus, the recent craze over the Internet, lets you share your video content within your Circle. Therefore, it is important how you optimize your video content for your website promotion.

Here is what you can do to get the best ROI with your video content:

  • Upload your videos to prominent sharing platforms.
  • Use popular keywords in the video title and add keywords rich description to it with your website address embedded in it.
  • Don’t forget to tag your videos using some targeted keywords.
  • Post video content regularly in social media and other networking sites if you want consistent viewership.
  • For on-site videos create and use a video sitemap if you have a considerable number of videos on the site.
  • Use informational keywords that focus solely on the topic, service or the products. Long tail keywords including phrases like “how to”, “why”, “what is” have better prospect when it comes to video optimization.
  • Avoid transactional keywords that is, phrase including words like “buy”, “sale”, “free”, “cheap” etc. Studies found that use of transactional keywords in video optimization causes adverse effect.
  • It is often noticed that videos ranking well on the universal SERPs also ranks high on its own platform. Conclusion is, if your video tops the ranking on YouTube chances are high that it will perform well on universal SERPs as well.
  • Do make your videos easily sharable.

And last but not the least is to make real good videos that are relevant to your service/product and at the same time useful for the viewers. Good videos often shared over the social media by common users. And that’s the most rewarding part of video optimization.

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