Latest Video Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Popular

Latest Video Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Popular

The old adage, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ seems to have advanced a step further these days. From marketing procedures based on images, companies are fast shifting their focus on video. Video marketing is the buzzword these days. Look around, and you will find short, personalized videos on numerous websites. They tell about your company, your business offerings and more. The concept of viral videos has been around for over a decade now. The first one can be traced back to 1995, while the first viral video used for marketing on YouTube was used in 2005. This concept has advanced a long way since then and video marketing is surely the in thing these days in the world of online marketing.

Were you aware of these few information about video marketing? According to data of the year 2014:

  • 50% of all the businesses spend as much as 10% to 25% of their budget in the creative field for video marketing
  • Over 75% of the marketers say that their customers prefer visually rich options, such as videos, for marketing over static or text-based ads
  • 78% of the business owners have already engaged in video marketing
  • 83% of them use it for enhancing brand awareness
  • An overwhelming 94% of the marketers consider video marketing to be an effective tool for marketing and sales of products and services

These provide enough evidence that video marketing is fast emerging as one of the biggest and most important platforms for marketing. Hence, increasing number of companies is going to engage in this activity. As a result, the video marketing platform is expected to become extremely competitive as well. A number of new trends have emerged, which are likely to rule the roost in the video marketing sphere in near future.

Reaching Out across Internet-friendly Platforms

The varieties of internet-friendly devices are increasing steadily since the past few years, and so is their number of ownerships. Almost every household these days has more than one internet-friendly device, which can be used to watch videos. Besides, researches have proved that the television viewership is declining at a steady rate, as people, especially the young audiences, are watching more programs online. Hence, businesses, which are depending on video marketing, are likely to try reaching out to them through multiple platforms. Hence, they should also ensure that the videos that they create are compatible to all kinds of devices – PCs, cell phones, tablets and so on.

More through Less

This is surely going to be the key marketing mantra in the years to come. This holds true for video marketing as well. In this fast age, people hardly have time to spare. Hence, they are not likely to spend hours to learn about your brand. So, to be successful to drive home the information about your company or its products and services, you will have to covey more within less time. Short and crisp videos are already popular across different types of media. This trend is expected to continue for the next few years as well. Use apps like Vine, Glide – Video Texting, and others to create videos, which are hardly a minute or two long, or even shorter.

Bespoke Videos for Separate Audience Groups

You must know who your target audiences are. And accordingly, you should customize the video, which you are planning to use for marketing your company and business. It is always a good idea to have different videos for separate target audience groups. So, customize the videos according to their requirements. It will surely help you strike a chord with them easier than ever before. A content perfectly tailored for a specific group of audience usually becomes more popular than the one created with the general audience in mind. Thus, it is expected to be converted into more business, in turn, generating more revenues for you.

Entertaining Videos to Attract Attention

You need to create videos to market your business and its offerings. However, it does not mean that you will try to make dull and unimpressive videos, which act as blatant speakers of your business. Instead, it is better to go make entertaining videos and include a few words about your business in it. People always look for entertainment. And when you are planning to go for video marketing, you have all the opportunity to be creative and make them interested. Create a thoughtful or provocative video, which appears casual, but is able to drive your idea home effectively. You can also add animations, infographics or explanatory videos to communicate well with the audience.

Make Videos Interactive to Increase Views

Planning to make your videos interesting? Wondering how to increase their views? Share them on different social media platforms. Add social media buttons to it for easy sharing. Provide the option of flipping through the maximum number of channels where this video can be viewed. Add surveys, polls or associated games to it to increase interactivity of the audience. This is also likely to help increase interaction of the viewers and, in turn, help to increase revenues. Such videos, which are going to merge creativity and business objective prudently, are expected to gain ground fast.

More Video-based Marketing for eCommerce Websites

Worried with advertisements that interrupt your video marketing? Or with banners that flash midway through the video? These are no more a problem. You can now plan uninterrupted videos for marketing you products and services. The process of video marketing will also help you communicate more effectively with your target audience. If you are planning to market an ecommerce website, you should try to make the products more popular with the help of the bespoke videos. This can help you communicate the qualities of the products more effectively to your target audience. Hence, you will be able to sell more products and, in turn, maximize business revenues. Thus, you can turn your marketing video into a major revenue generating tool as well.

In recent times, social media platforms are coming in handy to help the videos become popular. You can post the video on multiple social media platforms, which is sure to help it earn more views. You can also try to create a video, which is interesting enough to go viral. The major requirement for this is an entertaining subject matter for it. Once you can do it, you can remain assured that numerous people will surely become acquainted with your business. It is never too late to go for video marketing and with the trend gaining popularity with every passing day, this can be the most optimum time to delve into it. It is no more only YouTube, but a number of other platforms have also emerged, which can help you post videos to gain maximum viewership to market your business effectively.

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