Video Marketing Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

Video Marketing Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

For any business, marketing is probably the most important thing in this world to acquire customers. If you own a business, you need to make people know about it – its existence, offerings and so on. And that’s the only way you can create an excellent brand awareness among your target audience.

In this age when new modes of communication are being introduced every other day, there’s absolutely no dearth of platforms for marketing your business. In fact, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the right marketing platform for you. And what you can call the best choice for a certain moment continues to change with time.

Despite the fact that the effectiveness of different types of media reach their zenith at certain times, one thing can be vouched for – visual content has much more appeal among the target audience than their simple, text-based counterparts. This is where images come in handy. They live up to their reputation of ‘speaking a thousand words’. And videos take this a step forward. They are gaining increasing popularity with every passing day and there are several reasons for that.

  • Videos are easy to comprehend
  • They help the brand content to stand out
  • They can influence the customers more than any other form of content

However, you need to remain abreast about the latest video marketing trends and implement them perfectly when creating these to get the best results.

Studies have shown that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your idea home. According to as many as 71% business owners, videos offer better conversion rates than almost all other forms of content marketing. In fact, a good video made for the marketing purpose forms a perfect amalgamation of education and entertainment, which can help it to even go viral. Thus, it can reach out to more number of people within a short time than any other form of marketing. And this is why majority of the business owners are depending on this marketing procedure these days.

Planning to implement video marketing for your business? You need to follow some already laid out steps and yet, try to be innovative. But the most important thing is, you need to be wary of the common video marketing mistakes. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

Creating Extremely Promotional Videos

People will be visiting your website primarily for information. So, they would not like it if you bombard them with ads. And that’s what overtly promotional videos do. They are more like advertisements. There’s no doubt that you will have to promote your products or services through a video that you are posting. But ensure that you don’t overdo it. So, you might be thinking what process you should follow while making these videos. It’s easy: keep them simple and entertaining. People won’t might a bit of promotion, if it is delivered with a touch of entertainment or education.

Creating Non-promotional Videos

When you are making a video for marketing, you might even need to spend a few bucks to get the best products. So, it makes no sense to create a video that just delivers entertainment and does not help your business prospects. You need to strike a perfect balance between overtly promotional and non-promotional content. And that will come in extremely handy if you are looking forward to enhance your business revenues.

Creating Videos for No Specific Audience

Have you done your research properly? Are you aware of who your target audience are? It is common mistake to create videos without a proper target audience in mind. You should never try to reach out to a wide range of demographics with a single video. This is a common mistake when it comes to creating online videos. Have a clear idea for whom you are creating your videos and take into account their preferences. This will help you create focused videos.

Making Videos that are Too Lengthy

What is the length of the video that you are planning to create for marketing your business? Is it too long? Try to do away with this mistake, which is seen quite often among the business owners. They try to stuff too much information in a single video. The result is that the videos run for a long time. May be too long to engage the attention of the viewers in a focused manner. Hence, it is always a good idea to create short, focused videos that are both entertaining as well as educational. And, of course, promotes your business to some extent.

Placing the Videos in the Wrong Places

One of the most common mistakes in video marketing involves the sharing of the created videos. Even the best videos are unable to fetch enough value if they are not seen by many people. And it is never easy to increase viewership of a marketing video. It is absolutely of no sense to embed the video only in your website, which is not visited by a lot of people. Similarly, it is of no use to post them in deep-linked pages of some scarcely visited website. In fact, poor website placement of your marketing videos can turn out to be a major mistake that can turn out to be costly in the long term. Websites, such as YouTube, can be a great place to post your video. But make sure that you do not think it as the only option. You should also post your videos in a number of other video sharing sites.

With every passing day, new procedures are being embraced by the business owners to make video marketing more effective. This process in itself is one of the best ways to create awareness about your brand among the target audience. However, it is important that you remain wary of the common mistakes that are committed while going for this process. Keeping an eye on these video marketing mistakes will help you avoid them. This, in turn, will reflect in the enhanced revenues of your business in the long run.

Dipanjan Mukherjee

Dipanjan Mukherjee, a content writer and editor by profession, and a web enthusiast by choice, takes special interest in various subjects, including social media, web design, online marketing, and others. A post graduate diploma in Mass Communication and Masters in English, he started his career as a content writer and has over 7 years of experience in content writing and editing. He has worked in a number of industries, including IT, market research, SEO and others. He contributes blogs for Softz Solutions, The Perfect Blender, and a number of other popular sites.

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