Video Marketing for Startups

Video Marketing for Startups

Planning to start a business is something, and doing it is a completely another thing. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep an eye on a lot of things when you have planned to start a business. The major challenge is to let people know about your existence in the first place. They need to know that a business exists. And you have to inform them about the products and services that you offer. So, the primary thing that you need to concentrate on is the marketing of your website. And you can do it in multiple ways, just what you may want.

Marketing is probably the most important thing that you can think of for your startup. And almost every other day new forms of marketing are emerging. From text to images, from animations to videos, marketing has come a long way. Among these, video marketing has surely surfaced as one of the most important marketing procedures. And it is being embraced by a number of startups as well.

Want to know why?

Here’s a few information, which can help you get the answer:

  • Every day, as many as 100 million people watch online videos
  • 90% of online shoppers admit that marketing videos influence their shopping decisions
  • 75% executives watch work-related videos at least once a week
  • 59% senior executives prefer watching a video than reading a text
  • Videos attract the attention of the viewers for a longer period than any other form of online marketing
  • Mobile internet users tend to watch the videos for a longer time than the desktop users

Moreover, new video marketing trends are emerging with every passing day. Here’s a sneak peek of how video marketing can be useful to startups.

No More an Expensive Affair

Well, even a few years back, startups would move away from video marketing. The very thought of creating a video would make them think, “It’s really expensive”. They were correct. Video creation used to be really expensive. But not anymore. If you think making a video means you would go bankrupt, think again! These days, you do not even always need a technologically advanced equipment for taking videos. In fact, some of the most popular videos of recent times were recorded on camera mobile phones. If you are planning to record a video, just go for:

  • An iPhone
  • A smartphone
  • Any mobile phone with camera

All these phones are not extremely costly and are available at various low prices as well. So, video marketing, which remains as effective as always, is now affordable too. And this is driving a lot of startups to go for this marketing procedure.

Easy Sharing without Any Cost

When you are planning to go for offline marketing, you need to search for the perfect platforms to reach out to your customers. Besides, you might even have to pay for using them. But where to share your videos for marketing your business? Well, the list is endless. In fact, this ease of finding the right platforms to share is one of the major reasons for the growing popularity of the video marketing for the startups. All that you need is an account on some of the most popular video sharing websites, such as YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo and others. You can post the videos on them and see millions of people watching them. This is surely one of the most important reasons why video marketing is gaining ground at a fast pace among the startups.

Creative Videos Reach More People

Are you creative? Do you have it in you to think beyond the mundane? Does it reflect in your creations? Well, then you can surely try out video marketing for your startup. People love creativity. And it holds true for marketing videos as well. In fact, people love to watch videos that are creative. Not only that, if they like a video, they also want their close wants to watch it. Hence, they share it with them as well. And this might happen with marketing videos as well, provided they are made prudently enough to attract the attention of the viewers. This trend is driving the emergence of viral videos significantly. And with it, the companies have the opportunity to reach out to more number of people with their video marketing endeavors. So, if you are confident that you possess a mind creative enough to make attractive videos, just go for a video marketing procedure for your startup.

Why Not on Social Media?

Do you have a video for marketing your startup? Are you looking for a perfect platform to share it? Well, there surely are many. But why not share it on social media? In fact, social media is the trend of today. There are millions of people who are active on platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. So, sharing your video on these platforms means that you will be able to reach out to so many people at one go. Moreover, once the social media users like your video, you can also expect that they are going to share these contents for their friends to see. It will help to increase the viewership of your videos, thus making your startup popular among your target audience.

Simple Videos Rule the Roost

Planning to make a video that is complicated and has layers of meaning? Well, on the internet, people hardly have time to decipher the meanings of multilayered videos. Something that’s short, crisp, easy to understand and yet, great to view is more appealing to majority of your target audience. So, when you are planning to make a video, ensure that it is simple and gets the idea home within a short time. People hardly have enough time or patience to watch long videos online. So the short and meaningful ones are likely to help you reach out to more number of people, thus marketing your programs across a wider customer base.

Video marketing is a growing trend these days. It is being embraced by all types of businesses, big and small. It is already delivering excellent results and hence, is expected to be a favorite marketing technique of the startups as well in near future.

Dipanjan Mukherjee

Dipanjan Mukherjee, a content writer and editor by profession, and a web enthusiast by choice, takes special interest in various subjects, including social media, web design, online marketing, and others. A post graduate diploma in Mass Communication and Masters in English, he started his career as a content writer and has over 7 years of experience in content writing and editing. He has worked in a number of industries, including IT, market research, SEO and others. He contributes blogs for Softz Solutions, The Perfect Blender, and a number of other popular sites.

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