URL Shortening: Where Goo.gl is Different

With Google recently launching its own URL shortening website URL shortening has made it into the trending topic of discussion among SEO professionals. Today there are several URL shortening websites with bit.ly and tinyur being the most popular ones. However, squeezing URLs to save space for micro blogging or social media sites and giving long dynamic URLs a more concise and uniform structure is not the only purpose that the URL shortening tools are used for these days.

Benefits of Shortening URL

Tools such as bit.ly already give its users a host of facilities including statistics containing the total number of decoding or click on the shortened URL.  Using these utilities users get short links that are permanently redirected (301 Redirection) to a given website. Some URL shortening services offers customizing links using keywords which proves beneficial from SEO perspective as well. These utilities already provide a complete package for shortening, managing and sharing your URLs.

Where Goo.gl is different from the others…

Now the question is what extra does Google’s URL shortening service is going to offer its users? Well, Google claims goo.gl to be the simple and fastest URL shortening service and the most reliable too. Users are simply get blinded with the shortened URLs as they don’t get any clue before clicking the link that where it will redirect. But, with goo.gl you will receive warning message whenever the ‘short URL’ directs to a malware or spam site.  You need to sign in to your account to view the history of your short URLs based on the timeline. So, we expect happy and safe links sharing with goo.gl! 

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