6 Steps to Build Trust Relationship through Content Marketing

6 Steps to Build Trust Relationship through Content Marketing

Have you ever wondered why brands are shying away from plain advertisements and banners these days?

Do you know why brand marketing is becoming more and more dependent on content marketing instead of advertorials?

Why content is the new hype of the brand marketing world?

If you are accustomed with the scenario of brand marketing, then you will be able to answer my questions. There are innumerable brands that are hankering for your attention in the ever busy world of brand marketing. There is a tough competition ahead of you. Obviously you want people to notice you in the first place and won’t think twice before they choose you over your peers. But you need to know that you are the only one who can fix it. Now the question is, how will you do that.

Relationship building has become almost synonymous to content marketing. Now you may ask why it is necessary. Well, if you want your readers to turn into potential consumer, then it is the utmost necessity to build trust. Only if they start trusting you, your brand will become the apple of the eye for your customers.

A study from Marketing Charts says:

  • Editorial content gets 67% trust from the consumers.
  • The other trusted forms of advertising like newspaper ads (61%) and outdoor ads (57%) are comparatively less popular.

Wondering how you will build trust? You are surely at the right place. Here are some tips that will help you get through.

#1. Know Your Audience

Working to market your content? The first step you need to learn and the mantra you need to remember throughout your life is simple: know your audience. You are writing interesting, meaningful and unique content. You are building links. All these sound great. But then, what is the use of it? If you don’t have a target audience, then there is no point creating a content, which has no focus at all. That is why you need to know better for whom you are creating it. If you don’t have the specific set of audience, then work to build one.

If you find out who is your target audience, then it will become easier to serve them. Find out what their taste is, what they are looking for and, most importantly, work to answer their questions even before they ask. The moment you succeed to know the nerve of your audience, you are in the business.

#2. Talk, talk, talk

If your consumer feels that they are reading a piece conceived by a machine, which uses only jargons, but does not bother to have a conversation, they will leave your business page soon. So, talk to them. Your tone should be like you are having a conversation through your content. Make them question themselves. Compel them to look for an answer. Provide them with the answers even before they hit the search button. Basically, you need to keep them active. They will get a feeling that you are guiding them towards something good. That will work for your benefit.

#3. Two-way Traffic

You are writing a content and posting it on the blogs or some social media. But what’s the use of it if you don’t engage your consumers and don’t pay attention to them? If there is a way to communicate with them, then don’t hesitate to use it.

Social media is a two-way traffic. It gives you a chance to directly communicate. Never refrain from replying to the comments of your readers and especially if they are asking you some questions.

#4. Use Old Relationships to Build New Ones

Your brand has already made its first appearance in the world of marketing. But you need to build more relations. The easiest way to do that is to depend on the connections you have already made. When you have created a great content and feel that it will hit the right spot of the audience, ask your friends to share.

The more they share, the more it becomes visible to the world. So, sharing is a great way to spread the word. And if your friends won’t help you, then who else will? Suppose your brand is pen. Find a friend whose brand is notepad. Since both of you are targeting the same audience, you both can share each other’s content.

#5. Repetition is the Key

Attention span of people is too short these days. The ever noisy world of web market always keeps the audience busy. There are many brands who are jostling for attention from your audience. If you really think that you will appear with a content only once and still remember you, then you are seriously mistaken. Frankly, they won’t. To make your place in their mind, you need to repeat yourself.

But there has to be a reasonable process of repeating. Study claims, if a content is repeated for 3 to 5 times than there are high chances (59%) that your audience will see it.

#6. Adaptability

To make your content trustworthy and worth sharing, you need to make it more adaptable to various channels of digital marketing. While repurposing it, make sure that it can be shared in various forms. As a catchy content in Twitter and Facebook or as an infographic and an image in Pinterest and Instagram, or as a video in Youtube and Vidyard. That will take care of your content’s visibility in all platforms.

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Once the trust is built, your audience will choose you over others. That is why building trust should be the stepping stone of your content marketing strategy. Once it is done, you are good to go.

Upasona Banerjee

A content writer by profession, Upasona Banerjee writes for Softz Solutions. She takes interest in social media, content marketing and digital marketing. Being a blogging enthusiast, she chooses writing blogs to share her ideas and views on these areas of her interest.

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