Top 8 Mistakes All PPC Beginners Should Avoid

Top 8 Mistakes All PPC Beginners Should Avoid

For any campaign, a pay per click (PPC) strategy is planned to enhance its profitability. Yet, in many cases it is observed that a few grave mistakes in the execution mars all the plans. The result: you hardly get any time to recover from it and see your campaign make losses. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on every PPC activity, especially if it is of a beginner in the field of PPC. A keen eye on the PPC activities of the beginners usually help to get an idea of the mistakes, which are commonly committed by them. Here’s a look at a few of these mistakes.

Not Using Negative Keywords as Filters

It is not always possible for you to ensure that the keywords that you are using will be 100% match. Hence, it is necessary to have some kind of filter to make the campaign successful. These filters are going to help you to filter out several irrelevant queries. For example, you should provide the common search terms, which are not relevant to your products and services, in the negative keyword lists. For example, if you are not providing any product and service free of cost, you should add ‘free’ in the negative keyword list. You can insert a few negative keywords for certain ad groups and campaigns.

Not Focusing on Quality Score

You feel that Quality Score does not matter in deciding how your PPC campaign is going to perform? You need to give the matter a rethink. If you have a look at the Average Quality Score, you can easily have an idea of the an important thing: the overall performance of your Google Adwords account. A good Average Quality Score helps to lower your cost per click (CPC) and ranking. Thus, with lower CPCs, you will be able to enjoy low cost per conversion. This results in optimized costs in running the campaign.

Not Naming the Campaigns

When you are planning to run a number of Adwords campaigns, the first thing you should do is name them. If you feel campaign names should not be specific enough, you are absolutely wrong. It should also follow proper naming conventions. It helps in data analysis in Google Analytics and makes the process easier than ever before. Some of the most effective naming conventions involve including different types of identities, such as the main theme, product, location, brand, match type and so on. This is likely to help in managing the campaign just the way you wish.

Always Keeping the Campaign On

Google Adwords campaigns for different products or services perform well at certain times of the day. It usually depends on when majority of the target audience of the business remains active. Besides, if you are working for any client, they might also want you to put the adwords campaign on after a certain date. A basic mistake committed by any beginner in the field of PPC is that they do not prepare beforehand using the automated procedures and labels. While this automated process makes the PPC campaign easier and almost free from error, not using them and remembering at the last moment about certain PPC campaigns is surely going to hurt their prospects.

Wrong Spellings in the Ad Copy

One of the most common mistakes in the PPC campaigns, which is committed mostly by beginners, this can be done away with. Don’t be unprofessional. Avoid spelling mistakes in the ad copy. And you don’t even have to be a language specialist for that as well. A spelling mistake in an ad copy is like stumbling in a race just before reaching the finish line after remaining ahead throughout. So, it is better to be a bit more alert and attentive when making the ad copy. You should revise the copy properly and run the spellcheck at the end to ensure that there’s no mistake.

Including Many Broad Keywords

When you are planning to set up a campaign, ensure that you understand it fully. It has been observed that whenever a campaign is set up without proper understanding of the match types, it contains a large number of broad match keywords. When the keywords are all broad match and does not contain quotation marks, brackets or a plus sign, they are not likely to help you acquire the required results. The best thing you can do during such a time is restructuring the campaign as soon as possible. Only then you can expect it to provide proper results.

Not Using Geo Targeting Options

Google Adwords offer you the chance of geo targeting. However, most of the beginners in the field of PPC do not use it. This can be a major mistake that can increase your costs in the PPC campaign. When a person is looking for some product or service, he will mostly look for it in a place close to his house. Hence, it is no use to show an ad in the United States when the business is planning to sell the products in The Philippines. Hence, it is always necessary to set the geo targeting option of Google Adwords on to get the best results.

Coordinating the Ads with the Landing Pages

The ad involving the PPC is meant only to lure the customers to your landing page. And it is there that you are likely to convert the leads into business. So, it is essential to have similar content on the landing page as you had in the ad. For example, if a person clicks on your ad seeing some item on offer, he is likely to search for the same offer when he lands on the page of your website. So, the landing page needs to be properly optimized with the ad. Moreover, you should also refrain from using a single landing page for all ads. It is better to plan the landing pages keeping in mind the ad. This will help to increase the conversion and thus, increase your business revenues.

If you are beginner in the PPC activity and want to take the first steps towards making the ads live, keep an eye on these mistakes to avoid them.

Dipanjan Mukherjee

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