6 Ways to Make a Guest Post Pitch More Attractive

6 Ways to Make a Guest Post Pitch More Attractive


Are you trying to pitch ideas for guest posts but not getting much of a response? That is not surprising, and in many ways pitching guest posts is much more difficult than actually writing them.

Keep in mind that most prominent bloggers and website owners receive tens or even hundreds of pitches on a daily basis. Because they are swamped with them you need to find ways to make your pitch more attractive, otherwise, it may not even be read and certainly won’t be replied to.

Play By the Rules

Above and beyond all else, if you want your guest post Services pitch to be attractive to bloggers you need to play by the rules. Effectively that means you need to find out what their guidelines are (if any) – then follow them to the letter.

Some bloggers may have extensive guidelines about how to get in touch with them, the types of topics they’re interested in, and so on. Others may not, in which case you can just look for the right contact details instead.

Suffice to say if you don’t play by the rules your pitch will immediately end up in the unattractive pile – which is the last thing that you want to happen.

Make the Subject Crystal Clear

The subject line of any guest post pitch should be crystal clear and completely straightforward. Ideally, as soon as anyone reads it they will immediately know that the email contains a pitch for a guest post.

While there is nothing wrong with being clever or using a bit of clickbait, it should never be at the expense of clarity. If the subject does not clearly state that it is a guest post pitch your email may be skipped entirely and lost among the many other emails that land in the blogger’s inbox.

Personalize Every Email

Personalizing your emails can help to connect with bloggers, and at the same time let them know that you’ve done your homework. The best ways to personalize your guest post pitches are by:

  • Addressing the blogger by name and not just using a standard ‘Sir/Madam’.

  • Referencing past articles on their website that are related to your pitch.

  • Mention a personal detail such as a blog anniversary, birthday, and so on.

Ultimately your goal should be to set your guest post pitch apart from the others that are received and show that you aren’t just using a cookie-cutter template or spamming emails.

Find a Topic and Title That Fits

If you want your guest post pitch to resonate with bloggers, the topic and title that you’re pitching needs to fit their blog. To make sure it is a good fit you should look at the overall theme of the blog as well as the content that they’ve published in the past.

Another good approach is to pitch a topic that is a follow-up of a relatively popular article on their blog. That will let you reference the article in your pitch, while at the same time ensuring that your topic follows the theme.

Provide Several Samples

Most bloggers are often a little bit apprehensive about the writing quality and may question whether or not you are skilled enough. The best way to convince them that you are is to show them past articles that you’ve written.

As a rule, you should try to include links to a few other guest posts you’ve written in the past that have been published on other websites. It would be best if the samples you choose are related to the pitch in terms of its theme.

Be Direct and Keep it Short

Considering the sheer number of pitches that bloggers receive, it should come as no surprise that they don’t take kindly to pitches that are too long. Instead, your best bet is to keep your guest post pitch short and sweet and be direct.

All you need to do is make sure you cover the key elements, such as:

  • Saying ‘hi’ and introduce yourself (in brief).

  • Suggesting the topic (and possibly explaining or summarizing it a little).

  • Asking if the blogger would be interested.

Aside from those key elements, you should only include anything else if there is a very good reason for it to be there.

Final Words

Keep in mind that every blog and guest post is unique, and the pitches that you send out should be unique too. Although there is no harm in using a general template to save yourself some time, it should be one that you can customize and tailor to fit your needs.

Be sure to try out all of these ways to make your guest post pitches as attractive as possible – and see how much of an improvement they are for yourself.



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