Tools and Websites to Find the Best Topics for Your Blog

Tools and Websites to Find the Best Topics for Your Blog

Blogging is the in-thing these days. Look in whichever direction you wish, and you will surely find bloggers. While many of them write purely out of passion and has something else for their daily earning, a large number of writers have also taken up blogging as a profession. And it pays as well. Besides, blogging is also one of the most outstanding ways involved in the process of digital marketing. It helps to create backlinks to the website, which, in turn, results in increased traffic. No matter whether you are writing for your own blog or as a guest on some other reputed website, there’s no dearth of a chance to earn. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, while blogging, a major problem that you might face is while selecting the topic. And it is never easy to do that.

Are you worried about what topic to write on for your next blog? Actually there are many ways to find them. You need to remain updated about the ways to search for the topics. And once you know them, this problem in finding the topics is surely going to be a thing of the past for you. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways, which can help you find the most interesting topics for your blog.

Be Alert Enough

Google Alert! This seems to be good enough to let you know about the best topics for your blogposts. If you have any specific subject in mind, set it on Google Alert for a specific date. You will be able to know the different hot topics on this subject. When you see them on Google Alert, you can remain assured that these Alerts are the in-trend topics, which are being searched most by people across the globe. You can select any of these topics from Google Alert to write a blog on it.

Using Bottlenose or Sonar Tab?

Have you heard about the website, Bottlenose? If you are a blogger, you must have. And if you haven’t, just go ahead and log in to it. This website is one of the best platforms that offer an analytical view of the things that are happening on various social media websites. This is probably one of the most outstanding ways that you can use to find the best topics to write on. The Bottlenose Search is free of cost and you can use it by typing a specific topic in the search box. Along with this search box, you can also make full use of the Sonar tab to find topics, which are in line with your favorite subjects. Thus, they can help you get the best topics to write on, which will increase the traffic to your blog.

Quora can be Interesting

You must have heard about Quora, right? Isn’t it an amazing Q&A website? All you need to do is type a question on the topic in the box provided in the website. You will get quite a few answers. And each one of them will enlighten you in its own unique way, with data and information. Hence, you can use all the necessary information from the answers to create your new blog.

Add Topsy to the List

Add to Quora the power of Topsy and you will have the best blog topics for writing. It shows the in-trend topics on Twitter when you search for a specific keyword. Besides, you can also view the images related to them. Besides, there are also other options to filter your search with the type of social media platform you want as well as the links and time.

From Twitter Chat and Hashtags

People usually chat on topics, which are interesting and in-trend. More so for Twitter chat. The topics shared there can be the components of the best blogs. So, it is a good idea to keep a track of the Twitter Chat that are made on the topic you are interested in to write in your blog. Using the terms, with which hash tags have been used, also makes sense. People usually hashtag only those terms, which they feel might interest others. Hence, you can track these terms and topics to get the best ideas about your blogs.

Reading Other Related Blogs and Commenting on Them

The old saying remains true even to this day: the more you read, the better you will write. And more so, if you are reading different things on the topic that you are planning to write on. So, if you maintain a blog and want to add popular topics to it, you will need to read about them a lot. If you are writing on different topics related to any industry, the best thing you can do is read different blogs on that industry. It will give you an idea about the topics to write on. Besides, if you are yet to get the best ideas and overview about the industry, reading these write ups can be the best solution. You can also comment on different blogs to start a conversation. It will surely turn out to be one of the best places where you can find the most relevant topics for your blogs.

There might be various ways offline to find the best topics for your blogs. But if you are looking for specific tools online, you will still get a large number of them. Using these online tools will help you select topics, which will be good enough to engage more number of readers in the blogs. This, in turn, will reflect in terms of increased revenues at the end of the year.

Dipanjan Mukherjee

Dipanjan Mukherjee, a content writer and editor by profession, and a web enthusiast by choice, takes special interest in various subjects, including social media, web design, online marketing, and others. A post graduate diploma in Mass Communication and Masters in English, he started his career as a content writer and has over 7 years of experience in content writing and editing. He has worked in a number of industries, including IT, market research, SEO and others. He contributes blogs for Softz Solutions, The Perfect Blender, and a number of other popular sites.

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