The Search Insights Ideology Behind Improved Content Marketing Strategy

The Search Insights Ideology Behind Improved Content Marketing Strategy

Are you losing your website audiences? Do you feel your competitors’ strategies are getting easily accepted by people? The million dollar question is – Do you know what type of content is being liked and shared? What is the trend? Which content topics are ‘in’? Who the key influencers are for your area? Probably the only problem with you as a content marketer is the difficulty to keep up with the changes around us. And the real threat is contentment as the future is not what it was.

In that case, let me share a little secret with you. Probably your competitors are working with an informant popularly called ‘Search Insights’. Are you using the same? Well! If not then its high time you should implement it to improve your content marketing strategy. First let us understand the power of this valuable weapon.

Search Insights – its power in content marketing 

Search insights are a rich source of consumer insights- their behaviours, interests, sentiments and trends. This information can be analyzed from different angles. Search insights capture the interests and intent of millions of people over time, moment by moment across each topic imaginable. This powerful tool helps you to understand your target audience’s online query behaviour. The length and depth of the data collected and its timeliness make search an incredible revealing and useful for content marketers to determine what’s actually happening around them.

For instance, the data can help with get the following information

  • The keyword phrases the audiences search the most
  • When and where they search
  • The devices they use to search
  • The purpose of the enquiries
  • Where exactly they go online and which search results they often click on.

Don’t you think this information can help you to develop effective content? Will they not help you to develop the types of material required by your audiences? Of course, it will. Not only this, but it will also help you to showcase and convince your audiences that your products and services are exactly what they are looking for. Undoubtedly, it will boost the ROI of your content effort and the overall success.

Search Insights and is its value for your content

You know what the trend is

As a content marketer, search insights enable you to know the trend in content marketing and which topics are currently hot. You know the list of content that is currently being shared most.

Allow you to delve deeper

Search Insights explore the way people search for a topic and the words they use together. By exploring how terms are co-searched, you can see how consumers associate certain topics or categories. For instance, if you consider coffee, you can see how people are searching for specific brands, different types of beans and places to purchase. Explorations like these can help you monitor the strength of your content identify new product ideas.

Encourage you to research for an article

You not only have to do research on the subject you intend to write but make sure that the article is unique. However, with incredibly helpful search insights, you will be able to see the recent articles on the topic you write and compare. Besides, you can also see the relative popularity of the articles and how much they are shared on different networks. This information will assist you to write about something that fits well within the current areas of interest.

Uncover connections

People often use a series of queries when they search. This means each search contains a combination of different terms. Thus, with Search Insights you can naturally uncover the connection between your brands, topic and objectives.

Engage influencers

Influencers are key in making content go viral. You must know who they are, how best to engage them and most importantly, where to find them. With search insight tool, you can quickly identify who they are, their website or Twitter address and look at levels of engagement.

Identify brand identity

Understanding consumers and what they think helps you to shape and manage your brand. Search Insights data presents an opportunity to tap into billions of queries. For instance, type your brand in Google trends and see the results. Look at ‘related searches’ which includes topics and queries. This help you to dig further into a set of brands and other attributes that you care about thereby allowing you to examine co-search behaviour more deeply. By analyzing co-searches, you can identify the strength and weaknesses about your products and services and keep tabs on brand identities you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Effective ways to implement Search Insights

Select the important keyword phrases you want to target

As a content marketer, you may think that you are using your target keyword phrase properly, but later realize that they were wrong. For example, you may start with a content incorporating large scale commercial marketing language and terms and later found that your audiences aren’t using those phrases in their search queries. The end-result is- your content would fail to engage the target audiences.

In a nutshell, if the difference in keywords between you and your audiences is semantic and highly relevant to your products and services, you can easily connect to a large section of audiences by choosing the right keyword. With Search Insights, identify the best keywords to drive the maximum traffic.

Understand the needs of your audiences

In order to develop content that rightly resonates with your viewers, you need to understand what they actually want and care about. Don’t worry, when you are using Search Insights as it can reveal the intent of the keyword phrase by showing the type of content people are attracted to. This highlights the type of information your audiences usually seeks. For instance, you may want to develop content that is product-based but the searchers may choose websites that offer editorial content that can educate them about that product. Therefore, an insight can help inform your content marketing strategy and enable you to discover what is important for your target audience.

Discover your audiences’ demographics

Do you know that search behaviour can differ depending upon location? Yes, you heard it right! There is a huge difference in the terms used by your audiences in one location compared to another. However, Search Insights make your job easier. It can reveal information about regional details including vernaculars, culture, likes and dislikes and much more to add. So, before you start developing your content, consult with Search Insights and determine whether you should consider any regional differentiators and trends.

Determine the content format as preferred by your audiences

Now that you know your audiences, their interests and aspirations, decide on the format of your content. It could be either a SlideShare or video and eBook or whitepaper. With Search Insights learn what your audiences prefer and accordingly decide what type of format your content should be. For instance, YouTube and Pinterest rolled into Google sites as they provides content in the format that is often favoured and trusted by searchers.

It is not just about digging, though. The best part about the process is to uncover those insights that can be applied to better run the business.

Sumita Das Dutta

Sumita Das Dutta is a tech geek and a web analyst. She has also been associated with technical writing; blogging on Google web analytics services, SEO audit, Content marketing, Online marketing, App development, Responsive design and Social media engagement. She is a content developer at Softz Solutions.

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