The Importance of Backlinks

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are status symbols in the SEO arena that signify popularity and preference of a website. All search engines as well as google give high value to websites that boasts plenty of high-quality backlinks. To quote very simply back links are inbound links that go back to your site.

Invest Time and Persistence

  • Backlink building is slow, steady and a consistent process.

  • Quality backlinks take time and perseverance to shape.

  • If it concerns a new website, then it becomes further difficult to gain fast and natural links.

However, drifting away from relevancy is not at all recommended. It proportionally increases with quality. As you increase the relevancy, it will simply improve your quality and as a result, your traffic, ranking, and reputation altogether will increase. Sometimes search engine optimizers try to twist or operate the search engine. Good in-links building is the only legitimate method to increase site position in the search engines’ directory.

The importance of backlinks:

  • Your SEO and SERP (search engine result page) bank on the backlinks. The Algorithms that are employed by search engines to gather information and rank pages also use bots and spiders to crawl your site to detect contents and backlinks. Search engines assimilate amass the volume and relevance of all the pages linking to your site influencing your page rank.

  • When someone is steering a search in Google, the search engine uses its rankings to deliver the best possible results. As far as backlinks are concerned, you want links from pages that sport good ranking contrary to low-ranked sites or pages. On the basis of the quality of the backlinks to a site, Google determines its advantageous position over other websites that are visible in a search query.

  • On the basis of relevancy of keywords and the number of high-quality backlinks that are pointing back to a website, it is highly preferred by the search engines. These make a sound ground for ranking a website and determining its comparative position.

  • Quality backlinks work as a trademark of better SEO. Online marketing procedure gives high importance to quality backlinks, so that visibility is improved, produce traffic and get the SERP appearance as well.

  • The number of backlinks a website harbors is indicative of its recognition or prominence with search engines. Search engines, primarily Google, acknowledge websites that have a larger number of valuable backlinks and deem those websites more related in a search query.

  • Mark that the authentic backlinks and relevant incoming links are two very fundamental aspects. Inbound links from a website that has suitable content and content connected to the overall brand of your website will give you much better standing than a link from a poorly contrived web site.

How to get the right backlinks naturally?

Procuring backlinks is more about networking and relationship building rather than any technical expertise. Since there are different types of backlinks and various ways to get them, it is important to have a strategy in mind.

Convincing content of a website is a sure way to obtain organic backlinks Below are the ways in which you can build natural back links:

  • Write articles, press releases, case studies, blog posts, and other shareable contents. Yes, even Infographics—backlinks can be from images too!

  • Regularly add new blog content and guest post on other blogs.

  • Staying active on social media helps! It mostly links back to relevant content on your site.

  • Take advantage of quality search directories and directory sites

  • Make it feasible for people to share what you create with social share tools and links.

How important they are now?

According to Searchmetrics Ranking backlinks are still significant – but overall their value is dipping. Some are of opinion that in the age of Facebook and Twitter, the value of links has diminished.


But backlinks – the nucleus of Google’s Page Rank procedure – are functioning till date. Designing authentically useful and prized content that other sites are pleased to link to, in order to help their readers, access further related information will gain grounds in future. In other words, link earning, rather than link building is how you’ll ascend the google rankings, moving forward.

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