The Growing Popularity of Hashtags

The Growing Popularity of Hashtags

Nowadays Hashtags are an integral part of social media marketing. So much so that it has come within the folds of Oxford as well as scrabble dictionaries. They are one of the chief means to categorize your contents in the vast social media domain.

Hashtags make your content search friendly and facilitates you to search relevant contents from other people and business houses. In a nutshell, hashtags classify contents on social media, helping users to easily pursue a content pertaining to their interest.

Why It is getting more popular

All kinds of advertising contents nowadays are hooked on to hashtags for call to action. Print ads and TV commercials are too inundated with hashtags these days. The giant brands are looking forward to definite conversions and customer involvements.

Hashtags are quite popular for brands who are interested to monitor customer feedbacks and conversations online. The motto is to induce a call to action that unifies both offline and online contents.

The Ways of Using Hashtags

  • The more unambiguous your hashtags are, the more specifically your target audience will stream in to your website.

  • While using hashtags, you must be aware of the social networking platform that you are working on. The hashtags that are compatible with Instagram may not get along in a twitter platform.

Instagram is more about expressing things through pictures and twitter is more of topic oriented conversations. So, the hashtags must also vary accordingly to keep up with the trends of the particular social media platform.

  • You must invest time to find out what are the popular and relevant hashtags that are faring for that particular site.

  • Hashtags can be a prolific way to build combined campaigns. So hashtags must be incorporated in all commercials, print ads and other marketing campaigns.

  • Your campaigns or your posts should be strong conceptually. Otherwise maximum usage of relevant hashtags too will not give you that desired result. The theme and the basic idea of your posts should be alluring enough to usher in classified traffic to your website irrespective of how many hashtags you are using.

  • Hashtags are extensively used in almost all the social media platforms these days. Hashtags are more of keywords preceded by a #. So appropriate hashtags for the important keywords from the subjects are important to extend your reach beyond your immediate followers to a genre of audience who are engaged in similar conversations.

  • Two to three relevant hashtags capturing the essence of the campaign, acts almost as a code which directs you to all the hash tagged and relevant conversations.


  • It is better not to use your brand name directly as hashtags. You can invent a hashtag that speaks about the uniqueness of your product and service or find out other relevant hashtags.

  • Too long a hashtag or too witty a hashtag may fall out of favor with the popular search category. The idea of hash tagging is to make the search simpler for a particular category and then get connected to it.

  • The usage of hashtags should be artistically done so that the message you want to convey do not be misleading.

  • Incorporating, insensible numbers of hashtags just to increase the reach is sheer absurdity as it may invite spammers and valueless followers. Hashtags should not exceed the words of the message you need to convey.

  • You cannot hashtag everything. Do not be so bent on using a hashtag that when it is not necessary you are still insisting on using the same.

Suppose you are sharing a news item, it’s always better that it is done devoid of hashtags. But suppose you are writing a blog on the same news article where you are doing a post mortem on the news story and you want to create a social media impact, then you might as well go for hashtags.

  • It is pointless to go for trending hashtags if the content you are posting in social media is not compatible with the subject matter being promoted. In that case your post on social media may invoke negative reaction from your target audience.


Ending thoughts

Hashtags are nowadays almost omnipresent in all types of media platforms that are necessarily promoting products, services, brand value of an individual or of a brand. Prudent and proper usage of hashtags can go a long way in fortifying the image of a company or an individual besides meeting business goals.

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