The 5 Benefits of Using Google Plus in Business Campaigns

The 5 Benefits of Using Google Plus in Business Campaigns

Well, if you are into search engine optimization, it’s highly advisable for you to have a Google plus profile for all your business purposes.

Now why am I pointing this out to you if Google plus isn’t unique? You might think that it’s just another social networking platform similar to Facebook, Twitter etc.

Well no, Google+ is unique from the point of view of SEO. There’s a simple truth behind its uniqueness.

It’s Google’s very own social networking platform. Google loves it more than anything. And on the other hand, your motto is to get yourself a good rank on the Google search engine. In simpler words, if you can keep Google happy, you will automatically get what you wish for which is a decent SERP rank.

In here, I’ll discuss a few amazing benefits of using Google+ in business campaigns. Let’s begin without further ado.

1. Increased visibility on Google

Most marketing professionals are absolutely crazy to get their products/brands/services in front of quality leads on Google.

In fact, SEO’s all about getting a decent rank on search engine platforms. A decent rank automatically generates more leads.

Talking about search engines, it must be said that Google’s the major search engine of the lot. So if you secure a decent rank on Google’s SERP, the job is almost half done.

A Google Plus profile is more than capable of giving you that exposure you crave for on Google.

2. The “about us” section of Google+ can be used to generate more leads

You have to be a little creative in this aspect though. Google plus gives you the opportunity to write a few lines about your business on its “about us” section.

Remember you have to say the maximum through minimum lines. Write what your business is about, the kind of services/products you offer etc. on this page tactfully and creatively.

This content will be used by Google as your Google plus page’s Meta description, thereby showing up in search results. So if you can handle this content tactically, you will be able to generate more leads at ease.

3. Authorship as well as Publisher Markup can increase your reach on search engines

Personal profiles and Google plus pages can be connected to any website to generate an extended reach on search engines through the use of Authorship and Publisher markups respectively.

This feature can benefit your business tremendously if it’s used in the right way.


The Google plus authorship helps to connect a Google plus profile to any individual blog page, web page or article.

It’s absolutely great for gaining immense exposure on the internet and also aids in building up a brand value.


The Google plus publisher helps to connect a local Google plus page to your website. People who search on Google for your business name will be greeted will be greeted with this information.

If “Publisher” is used in the right way, branded searches will be capable of showing your visual branding, the recent number of Google plus posts made by your profile, reviews and the number of followers you have on Google+.

4. Google+ circles can help you connect with people sharing the same interest

You will be able to find more people who share the same interest as yours through Google search and add them to your Google+ circles at ease.

This practice comes with several benefits. For example, if you add certain relevant accounts to your circles, you might have a chance to get a follow from the same people; this tactic is almost identical to that of twitter.

This might also result in improved content impressions, which in turn might lead to improved SERP rankings.

5. Easy integration with other major platforms

You can easily put the integration feature of your Google plus profile with other major platforms such as YouTube and Gmail to good use. This is another excellent way to increase your content exposure on the internet.


YouTube became the world’s 2nd largest search engine in 2013. You’ve also probably heard of this that Google owns YouTube. So integrating YouTube with Google+ can benefit your business tremendously.

If you have videos on YouTube, share the same on Google plus. By connecting these two together, you can easily increase your content reach on the internet.


Google+ pages are always integrated with Gmail accounts. This includes a follow button and a glimpse at the recent posts at the same time. Use this feature to your advantage.


So if you don’t have a Google+ business profile, set up one without further ado. You’ll definitely be benefited by it in the long run.

Sudipto Das

Sudipto writes technical content periodically for softz solutions and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's an avid reader and a tech enthusiast at the same time with a little bit of “Arsenal Football Club” thrown in as well. He's got a B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation.

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