Super 7 ways to fix shopping cart abandonment

So, you have spent countless sleepless nights to get the Call to Action button right, make changes in the body copy of the email template and other things; but the thing is the number of conversion is as low as ever. No sign of improvement, nothing.

Ok, fine. Man you are not alone in this universe facing this seemingly weird problem. As far as the intelligence reports [just kidding] are concerned, on an average 88% consumers leave shopping cart in the middle.  Though it is impossible eliminate shopping cart abandonment for once and all, there are tips that you can easily incorporate in your shopping cart as well as in your marketing campaign to reduce the number of abandonment to a great extent.


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Tip 1: Be frank about the Shipping

People hate the idea of paying heavily for shipping. So, if you are charging heavily for product shipment, you need to rethink your marketing strategy. However, there are some sly marketers who hide this information from the customers and add the cost just before the customers are going to make the payment. But this is the worst marketing approach. People will always be dragging their feet seeing that they are going to pay a hell lot more than what was promised before. Do not do this. Be upfront about the shipping policy and let the customers decide whether they want to buy your product or not.

Tip 2: Do not force your visitors to get registered

Do not force the visitors to get registered with your website to be able to buy a product.  I do not see any reason why you should be asking them to get registered when the purpose should be making them buy the products.

Moreover, people are averse to the idea of creating new passwords as they most likely to forget it. Probably this is the reasons why some people have chosen to scrub a toilet than going through the grinding process of creating another password.

But some webmasters may argue that they really need people to get registered because they need the data for future communication and marketing initiatives. Well, in that case, you can try “Guest Checkout option”, which is less irritating and more users friendly.

Tip 3:  Make People aware of the rewards throughout the Checkout Process

Just because a visitor has added a product in his cart, it does not necessarily mean that he is going to get converted. Buyers are strange species; they change their minds when you least expect it. So, you need to make them aware of the value proposition of your website throughout the transaction process otherwise, they may leave in the middle.

For say, if you are offering free shipping, you need to make the buyers aware of this throughout the process so that he does not think otherwise.

Tip 4: Persistent Cart

People may not always be in the mood for purchasing. They may be in the mood to browse the product and add them in the cart for future payment. So, do not always force them to make a payment whenever they add something in their cart. Rather you should allow them to purchase when they feel that they are ready for it.

Tip 5: Simplify the Process

A lengthy conversion form is probably the last thing on earth that you would like to encounter. As far as the statistics are concerned, there is a negative correlation between the amount of time a user spent on filling out a form and the conversion rate. So, you need to make sure that the mandatory fields are kept to a bare minimum in the form.

You also need to remove some other types of frictions in the conversion path that includes removing the phone number unless it is absolutely a necessity, add the “same add billing address” field just to make the visitors feel relieved for a second or two and do not forget to add a green progress bar [I love this color, however you are free to change the color as you are living in a democratic society] displaying where the customer is at present.

Deb Dulal Dey

Deb Dulal Dey is a Google Adwords certified Professional, content writer and organic web strategist. He has been into this search industry since 2008. Currently, he is into technical SEO documentation, conversation optimization, Google adwords and content writing. He loves contributing a lot to Google Webmaster Central forum and helping small business owners who are struggling with their online presence.

And oh, yes he is a great fan of One Direction and wish to be a hotshot affiliate marketer like Zac Johnson one day.

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