Stay Successful in Content Marketing

Stay Successful in Content Marketing

The world of online marketing, is evolving with every passing day. So, the mantra of survival here is to stay new. New ideas, new formats, but in the very core, the basic things remain the same. The main concerns are:

  1.  How to reach more people?
  2.  How to retain their interests?
  3.  How to work as a thought leader?

The thought is not any ‘old wine in a new bottle’ thing: the idea is completely unique. There’s no place of anything old in digital marketing. So, the primary objective should be to stay current. More new formats, new data, new strategies, and you are more in business.  As Content Marketing Institute predicts, 2014 is going to be the year of many significant changes in the world of content marketing.

So, what should be your action plan to stay current in this field? Here’s a quick look at what might help you.

#1. Plan Ahead

The calendar is the first and foremost thing that you need to focus on. Stay informed about recent events and keep on planning in accordance with that. The plan needs to involve your strategies and your own up-gradation as well. It doesn’t depend on how many ebooks you have read or how much you have learned from the webinars that you have attended. It’s you who will decide how to make a difference and when. So, start to make plans, which you will religiously follow. These plans should include how you will:

  • Research about your audience and their interests
  • Plan the measures that you are going to take
  • Assess your action and make changes, if necessary

#2. Mobile Content – a Game Changer

Mobile browsing is becoming more frequent all over the world. The Entrepreneur reports that mobile phone users are browsing net more than the desktop users and they are much less patient in the case of reading blogs. According to them, 77% people browse while they are at work or at home. It means they are more comfortable to use mobile even when they have access to computers. At least 29.5% of global population is accessing web through their mobile. It is estimated that in 2016, the mobile web users will outnumber their desktop counterparts.

It means that if you are still concentrating on the desktop-friendly blog format then it’s high time for a change. Think about mobile-first content strategy. It is estimated that in near future, the success of content marketing will depend on short mobile-friendly content.

#3. Video Marketing

Remember those days when you used to get mad at your books, as they were crowded with heavy black and white texts, but no pictures? It is the same case with the web users. The more text-heavy the web page appears, the more intimidating they become. Attract them visually. Post videos. Since more people are taking interest in browsing from mobile, it is an essential step to take. Mobile browsers don’t offer that much attention space. So, they tend to leave in the middle of reading. Make it easier for them. Study claims that in 2016, video sharing will command the 55% of web traffic. So, don’t shy away. If you post a creative, unique and informative video, it is sure to attract the attention of your audience and make them stay.

#4. Infographics

This is one of the most effective ways now a days for content marketing. Infographics are visually appealing and informative as well. Incorporate it in your blog to make this a talking point of your regular followers.

#5. Repurpose

Every content, it can be a short tweet or a compelling post or something else, has another life or two in the world of content marketing. Repurpose your content. It will keep your post updated and you will show your audience the best content that represents your company. If any content works for you or your company in any media, then don’t hesitate to share it for a few more times in some other social media. Remember the more you will share, the more it will gain traffic.

#6. Get Social

You already know that the best way to keep up with the current world is social network. In case of content marketing, it is the same thing. To keep yourself up-to-date with the latest happenings of the marketing world you need to keep yourself up-to-date with the happenings of social media. Follow the best posts on twitter, LinkedIn is the best place to join the groups best suitable for your interest, join Facebook for the updates of the companies you are a fan of. The more social you are, the more you will be updated and your chances to remain in the game of marketing will increase.

#7. Journalist-like Approach

Adapt a journalistic approach. It will be helpful for your job. Current market shows that journalists possess certain traits that content writer lacks. Such traits are more useful in current market. They are robust, forward, is capable to find a story and telling it in an engaging way. So, to update yourself, develop such qualities. Be a strategy master and fastest to execute those strategies. That will save you in the battle of survival in the content marketing field.

#8. Keep Track

Last but not the least, you have to keep a track of the results of your methods. You have adapted to new models and updated your marketing strategy according to your needs. Now what you need to focus on is the result of the previous month’s work process. Keep a track of what have worked; pay attention to what haven’t; and learn from your mistakes. Change your policy if, from the results, you find it is necessary. In a nutshell, your primary objective should be simple: to evolve with time and be flexible enough to change to stay current in the scenario of content marketing.

In the world of digital marketing, you have to stay as much current as you can. This is because, it is the only mantra that you can follow to be successful.

Upasona Banerjee

A content writer by profession, Upasona Banerjee writes for Softz Solutions. She takes interest in social media, content marketing and digital marketing. Being a blogging enthusiast, she chooses writing blogs to share her ideas and views on these areas of her interest.

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