Struggling with Local PPC Accounts, here is how to do it like a Jagger

Struggling with Local PPC Accounts, here is how to do it like a Jagger

I know how you feel when you are asked to manage local PPC accounts. As expected, these local PPC accounts do not have that much of budget to let you go wild with marketing plan or their budget is too small to accommodate those horrifying mistakes that you are good at as always. Yeah, kind a frustrating, but this is what life is and we have to take it as it is.

Stop Whining

So, rather than wasting your time sniffing around and cursing your boss for this devilish plan to get you involved in Local PPC accounts, take your gloves off and get ready for some serious actions. Contrary to what you believe, managing local PPC accounts is not that difficult.  And here we are going to share some tips that can help you manage them efficiently without getting yourself or those small business owners into trouble:

The Limitations

Yes, managing Local PPC accounts is like walking on egg shells. Their budget is small and the geographical location where the ads are going to get featured is limited. So, it is quite expected that you will eventually run into trouble when maintaining the perfect balance between limited budget and geographical restrictions. But this should be the case, here is how to manage these local PPC accounts without leaving the end customers feeling fleeced and frustrated at the end:

Account Set up

Just like any other PPC accounts, the set up process is vastly similar. Rules of thumb are basically the same – creation of closely related ad groups and attention grabbing ad texts. There can be some exceptions depending on the size of the account but the rules remain the same.


Keywords Matched Type

Since Local PPC accounts are cash-strapped as always, you simply do not have the luxury to go for the Broad matched keywords at the initial stage to gather some valuable data and then figure out which combination works best for a particular ad group. Broad Matched keywords will lead to loads of unproductive clicks  that these small budget PPC campaign cannot afford simply.

So, unlike other PPC accounts, where you ample time to play with the keywords, here you are left with little option but going for the Exact match and Phrase match keywords from the very onset.

Now, both these keywords have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For say, if you decide to go for the Exact Match keywords and start serving the ads to a small geographical location, the campaign may end up stuck in a limbo. Impression could be so small that you will find yourself struggling with spending the budget set for the day. So, this does not make any sense.

So, board match keywords are the way to go. You just need to make the most of negative keywords option so that ads do not show up to people, who are not your targeted audience. Here I am assuming that you know the difference among broad match, phrase match and exact match negative keywords.

Ad Creation

Since local businesses server local customers (and that is why they are known as local businesses), you need to focus on geographical location while creating the ads. As the targeted audience is most likely to make an appointment or call the business owners, you need to make use of the following extensions –

Call and location extensions are the best bets. When the purpose is to make an appointment, you should be better off with “Click to Call extension”. Now, if the purpose of the adwords campaign is to feature the business location so that prospective customers can drive down to your business’s physical location easily, location extensions is something that you should be looking forward to.

Deb Dulal Dey

Deb Dulal Dey is a Google Adwords certified Professional, content writer and organic web strategist. He has been into this search industry since 2008. Currently, he is into technical SEO documentation, conversation optimization, Google adwords and content writing. He loves contributing a lot to Google Webmaster Central forum and helping small business owners who are struggling with their online presence.

And oh, yes he is a great fan of One Direction and wish to be a hotshot affiliate marketer like Zac Johnson one day.

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