Some Interesting Facts about Social Media

Some Interesting Facts about Social Media

Social networking has become indispensable today. Reports reveal that 96% of Gen Y population is on social media. What makes people so much addicted to social media is an important issue that can even cause endless debate and discussion. But we are here to share some interesting facts about social networks that might help in social media marketing.

1.   Top social media site, such as Facebook has already beaten United States in terms of population (read ‘users’). If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest nation after India and China. The number of active users on Facebook is ever growing with over 500 million at present.

2.  A recent Nielsen research reveals that social Media has overtaken porn, e-mail and online games as the most popular internet activity.

3.  About 80% of corporate companies rely on LinkedIn to find jobseekers.

4.  Social media plays a big role in uniting people. It is seen that “1 out of 8 couples in the U.S. met through social media” last year.

5.  Everyday about “1.5 million pieces of content” including news articles, website links, notes, blog posts, photos and others are shared only on Facebook.

6.  Companies that became successful in social media marketing are seen to listen to customers problems. Selling goods come next.

7.  The research further shows that the key to success in social media marketing is providing good and useful content and not just advertising your stuffs.

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