Some Helpful SEO Tools

Not all SEO tools are equally important for different web masters. Since different Search Engine Optimization tools have different importance to people it is almost impossible to make a list of “best SEO tools”. But the basic SEO requirements are usually generic in nature. The basic requirements include:

  • Optimized Source Code
  • Optimized Content
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Generating Back Links
  • Directory Submission
  • Meta tag Analysis

Optimized Source Code:

To have validated markup is very important from the SEO perspective. The tools that can help you to write validated markup are given below.

  • The W3C Markup Validation Service
  • WDG HTML Validator

Optimized Content:

It is obvious that no tool can write optimized content for you. But you can use some tools to check the keyword density of the content. The following online tools will help you to find the keyword density of your content.

  • Linkvendor KeyWord Density Tool
  • Webconfs Keyword Density Checker
  • SEOChat Keyword Density Tool

Keyword Analysis:

Getting huge traffic for the wrong keyword will do no good to your site. So it is very important for you to know the right keywords for your site. Here are some tools that you can use to know what the right keywords are for you.

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Overture Keyword Tool
  • WordTracker Keyword Service
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

Generating Back Links:

Link popularity is one of the key aspects of Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of link exchange programs that can help you to get relevant back links. But now more sophisticated online tools have been developed. Here are some tools you can check.

  • Submit Express Link Popularity Check
  • Web Master Tool Link Popularity Check
  • AddPro Link Popularity Check
  • SEO Chat Link Popularity Check

Directory Submission:

This is probably the only exception. Though there are various automated tools for directory submission it is better to avoid them because most of the directories do not accept automated submission. So you should go for manual submission.

Meta tag Analysis:

Many people say that meta tags are no more important. But I personally believe that using right meta tag can help you to rank high in search engines. The following tools can help you to analyze meta tag better.

  • SEOChat Advanced Meta Tag Generator
  • Web Master Toolkit Meta Tag Generator
  • RankRequest Meta Tag Analyzer


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