2014’s Top Social Media Marketing Trends

2014’s Top Social Media Marketing Trends

Are you willing to know about the social media trends of 2014? According to Social Media Marketing Report of 2013 conducted by a popular social media blog, nearly eighty six percent of the marketers indicate that this new age media is helpful for growth of their businesses. And the businesses who wish to reach out to new as well as existing customers need to know about the latest social media marketing practices or trends. Here are a few social media marketing trends that you should utilize for your own business development.

Content marketing rules the roost

Content is always king and from 2014 onwards, content marketing will reign supreme. Already being used as premier tool for content marketing, social media will make promotion of content easier as well as make it more accessible to the potential clients. However creating unique and high quality content will be vital. Nowadays the customer have shifted through clutter to get hold of best materials while the search engine algorithms have changed to reward the publishers of most clicked and informative content. In the coming years this trend will increase multifold.

In 2014, a growing number of brands has come up as the publishers of their own content, thereby publishing their content along diverse channels like e- newsletters, site articles, videos as well as blog posts that seamlessly integrate with different social media networking platforms. These marketers may also be responsible to track down the success of their efforts of content marketing more accurately, by measuring effectiveness of how each and every content is being shared on this media. Indeed social media will continue to play a vital role in content marketing sector in the coming years as well.

Budget for Social Media Marketing Increases

This year social media marketing becomes more than just a mere necessity. A recent report has been brought out by a famous organization offering cross media marketing solutions. According to this report, nearly ninety three percent of the surveyed businessmen are willing to focus on customer engagement and increase their marketing budgets accordingly. Forty six percent marketers also wish to increase their spending on social media in 2014 and 2015. As content marketing along the social media sites increases, the businesses need to assign more funds towards content promotion. Paid payments, especially Facebook Advertising, is vital for content to reach out to the targeted audiences. The companies who are striving to remain in the competitive market, can move from treating this platform as a group activity to even recruiting social media specialists instead. This year onwards, these professionals will be responsible for giving valuable suggestions on planning, executing and analyzing social media campaigns.

A report on Forbes also threw light on the rapid adoption of social media marketing strategies by the businesses. By highlighting data released by a famous organization it indicates that while elderly people are generally late adopters of new technology, their relationship with internet as well as other new technologies continue to grow. With twenty seven percent of total elderly adult population using the social networking channels, there is a plenty of scope for the marketers to appeal to these senior people through social media. More money, time as well as efforts are spent to create effective strategy for social media as businesses improve brand awareness, influence and loyalty.

Pinterest means more business

As the current image-sharing social networking site, Pinterest is considered to be the biggest revenue-generating social media site of 2014, especially with female demographic. In 2013, this networking site drove more than 40 percent of traffic for social media to different ecommerce sites, while average shopper referred from this network spent between 140 to 180 dollars as compared to 60 to 80 dollars spent by the traffic referred from another popular social networking site called Facebook. In 2014 and beyond, it is expected that the total number of business accounts of this networking site increase nearly 500,000.

Tweeting becomes more direct

This year, the businesses can learn to leverage Direct Message option offered by Twitter. The advantage is that the users have the facility to get Direct Messages from anyone. This functionality allows all the businesses to promote their brand as well as products directly to multiple Twitter users without even following them. On the other hand, the users also may send private message to other businesses along with particular client service issues. Twitter’s Direct Messaging option allows business to send the images to different users, thereby creating new branding as well as advertising opportunities. This advanced functionality helps your brand to reach out to a large number of prospective clients.

Social media ROI becomes simpler to prove

Currently, more than 85 percent marketers wish to measure ROI or Return on Investment from social media efforts. Plus, the top business executives wish to see cost-per-client acquisition related to social media investment. And from 2014 onwards, the marketers can make use of Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and other social media tools for ROI. It is also important that you should be able to align your social media strategies with your business objectives. For instance, it is just not enough to bring in new customers to your company’s Twitter page. Your Twitter activity is able to demonstrate a massive increase in client service or even sales along with real number to support all your results. Your social media presence is the coveted metric in the year 2014. The marketers can search out to new customers through Twitter referrals. High quality content gets shared and that is also what the marketers do. They publish content along the popular social media channels and expand their whole network of online customers. More investment in SMM may need to generate more concrete results. That is what we expect in 2014 and 2015.

Video will retain its popularity

From 2014 onwards, video is expected to retain the popularity as one of the best content type for SMM. All the companies can create the biggest video buzz virally while spreading brand awareness through short videos. For video content sharing, YouTube reigns supreme. However other video sharing sites such as Vimeo also gain popularity. From 2014 onwards, easily administered microvideos can create a buzz in the virtual world. Vine for six second videos and Instagram for fifteen second videos are the ruling platform for short videos for all types of businesses in the coming years.

Customer Relationship Marketing links with social media

Social media can integrate more successfully and directly with CRM in the year 2014. Social CRM aims to engage with the customers once again, develops stronger interaction with the brand, turns analysis into good sales as well as convinces all the decision makers in order to invest in SMM. In fact the tools for monitoring the social media may allow the businesses to engage with potential customers, bring about improvement as well as monitor interactions in the coming days. Technology can indeed play an important role in merging social media marketing with CRM. The marketers can easily automate the procedure for handling customer relationships. And to handle the automation procedure they also use latest sCRM platforms. When customer service is managed online, customer relationship management and social media may continue to merge.

In a nutshell, in future, social media will be about client engagement as well as encouraging mutual communication. And the consumers will still continue to look out for innovative content in different forms, starting from video to text through social media channels. This new age media will explore each and every facet of successful marketing strategies and this year onward, the business should adopt practices since they incorporate the updated trends for effective social media marketing.

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