Social Media Marketing – Just Marketing or Something Else

The Facebook and Twitter traffic boom has led all the industry run after SMM so that they can get their fair share of the SMM Pie. Now these big corporations forget that the Social Media sites are “For People” and it not a “Place” for blatant marketing.  To use the social media platform you need to understand that the Social Media forums are audience focused. The Participants come here to “Socialize” and not to buy soap or some stuff.

Recent market studies shows that people tend to distrust corporation and they don’t trust company blogs or paid blogs either. So when you spew out your Social Media “Marketing” messages from the veil of your logo, you should get this curtained that there are pretty few people  who actually believe those and follows you..let alone be motivated by them.

In social Media, one to one interaction is the most important factor. People, the real player of this whole marketing industry and the most misjudged also, likes to get importance, they like to feel special. So when you are posting some messages and you receive some comments back, you should try to answer them back in the timeliest manner possible.

You should be prepared to accept negative feedbacks and you should try to handle them diplomatically. To me when you are on a Social Media platform, you should try to maintain the thin line between too personal and abject professional marketer. It really doesn’t matter that on how many platforms you have presence.  If you are a hit on Platform A then you should stick to Platform A rather than diversifying your resources to other platforms.

The conversion or the ROI matters the most to a marketer, so I would suggest that you should stick to a certain platform which you feel comfortable with and which you think will value the most and the platform should be capable to “follow” your business policy. I mean you can attract customer for a coffee shop in Manhattan from Saudi Arabia.  So here you need to target, improvise and polish up a little bit.

While summing up, I would suggest that you keep you cordial, non professional tone up while maintaining the “thin line” I discussed before try to focus on metrics. SMM is all about trying and testing and again it usually takes some time to chip in. Hang in there..and be will have your ROI pretty soon

Sandip Kar

A Tech Graduate by education, a Digital Marketing expert by profession and the Founder and Owner of Softz Solutions & Co. Pvt Ltd. , Sandip Kar defines entrepreneurship at its level best. He is also a founder of Brishti Technologies – an Online Marketing company that runs multiple web based businesses such as MyPrivateTutor (present in 9 countries), Tenderroots, Wizert  and more.
Started as a SEO service provider in the year of 2001, Sandip Kar has been successfully managing thousands of top International clients till date, all across the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and India. He specializes in the fields of Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing, website design, development, promotion and management- all form of online marketing ventures.


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