Social Genie – Redefining Your Social Media Marketing Effort

Social Genie – Redefining Your Social Media Marketing Effort

Significance of social media promotion is beyond any introduction or explanation. It has already earned the name and  fame it deserves.

Today you won’t find any advertiser who does not know how to use Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for his business promotion.  It is too simple. You create a fan page; invite friends and followers to join your community; share reviews and make business out of prospects.

Even the number of social media marketers is growing fast.  Now you don’t have to call your marketer to get SMM quotes. They will give it you in the first meet only that too at affordable price and with lots of freebies.  On the whole organizing SMM campaigns doesn’t look like a head-breaking task anymore.

However things are not as easy as it seems. Here are the facts advertisers must analyze themselves –

Get rid of myths: It is serious

One must know that creating an application-rich Facebook fan page is not a big deal. Even increasing fans and friends for the page is just a matter of time and some marketing effort. For Twitter and Google+ similar concept applies. Your social media marketer doesn’t have to slog to get the job done.

But here are a few points to consider

1. Is that good enough for the SMM service you have paid or expected?

2. Are you complacent with social media report delivered at the end of the month?

3. Do you believe collecting 1000 FB fans or 2000 Twitter followers or 3000 G+ members  in one month is  a big achievement from your business point of view?

4. Are you aware of the fans and followers who are supposed to share your business updates? Have you checked if all your followers are active in social media?

5. Have they joined you willingly or it is done forcefully?

6. Do their social profiles exist in person or it is a manipulation?

7. Even if their profiles exist do they have real interest on your business?

8. Do you think such social media promotions can bring you potential and regular customers?

If you think “Yes” you may repent sooner or later.

Know what you deserve but didn’t get yet

1. This is for the advertisers who are not aware of what quality social media promotion is. Social media marketing is not about how big social community you have developed; rather it is how active the members are in sharing your business reviews.

2. You should know who are the people talking good about your business in FB, Twitter or G+?  You deserve to view their details and know what they take interest in.

3. You need real sharing from real reviewers. No impulsion should exist in this marketing process. Else results could get diluted.

4. Every social profile should have genuine interest to share your business reviews. Only relevant and targeted users can contribute to the best of their effort. The whole social media reviewing system should work as natural as they are.

5. Getting detailed social link at the end of the month is your right. It is not the number of fans and followers you should ask your SMM manager; rather it is the direct link that social media users are sharing though their profiles.  This looks authentic and shows ingenuity. You should have the evidence that your website links are being shared.  This will bring confidence in you.

Launching Social Genie – for all your help

Well, we are here to solve your problem – not just to discuss about it.

Softz Solutions, after a number of successful initiatives since 2002, is coming up with something new.  This time “We are Going Social – beyond Search Engine Marketing“.

Our recent launch for the New Year 2012 is – “Genie’s Magic Wand Is At Work Again “

This for our esteemed clients who want to develop social media links for their campaigns.

How Social Genie is going to work for advertisers?

1. First we will ask your social media marketing requirements. This includes campaign duration, preferred social media (among FB, twitter and G+), number of social media links required in a month and the web pages you want to promote.

2. Next we will create engaging marketing contents for each of your campaigns. This content is basically the reviews that social media users registered with Social Genie will share through their profiles.

3. Our SMM managers will keep a track of each review sharing time to time. Since reviewers will take part in this system out of their own interest, quality and relevancy will never be an issue. This is by default.

4. Our QC team is going to evaluate the link development process periodically.

5. At the end of the month we will collect unique social links against each campaign and send them for final verification.

6. Your social link report is ready to deliver. Just click on any link and check who has shared your social media reviews. It is so quick and transparent. You can verify all the social links generated through Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

To know more about Social Genie click here. You can also fill up “Advertiser Sign Up” form on main page and send your SMM requirements. We will revert back to you with pricing.

Hope to see you soon rocking at

Sanat Singha

Sanat Singha looks after Corporate Communications and Relationship Management for overseas clients at Softz Solutions. He also leads content writing and blogging team which always inspires him to do something new and productive. Prior to Softz Solutions Sanat worked with Cyber Media India Online Ltd.(CIOL) and Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. With more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing and ad sales he continues to deliver strategic inputs wherever and whenever required.

A Master in Science from Calcutta University and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Marketing Management from AIMA, Bangalore, Sanat grew up scaling advertising and media industry, both online and offline. He was a Semester Topper in 2006-2008 batch (IBMR, Bangalore) and was awarded with Gold Medal for his achievement.


On a personal level he is an acute blogger and a singer. You may catch him up cooking delicious dishes on weekends. Follow him on Google Plus.

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