Silent Conversion Killers

Silent Conversion Killers

As a webmaster, admin, or the Internet marketer who cares about the conversion rate of your website, and its ROI, you need to be concerned about the holes that are leaking money.

Do you think you have a domain that is working very well for you? Perhaps it is! Well done! You have reached the first step in conversion optimization. However you should realize that there are bound to be a few improvement areas. In fact, there isn’t a single website out there (the Amazon’s and the eBay’s of the world included), that cannot be improved. That’s where your conversion guy can come in.

You probably have some idea about what to do to boost the conversion rate further. As a web marketer, you could be concentrating on price-point testing (for ecommerce websites) form optimization (length of the form, call-to-action button, copy etc.), the copy, headline, banner vs. no banner, scratch-through pricing, text testimonial vs. audio testimonial, positioning of the credibility logos, navigation structure, refund policy among many others. As the web marketer, you should keep testing them always.

But did you realize that there are many silent conversion killers in your website as well? The factors that are usually overlooked by most people. Here, we will be discussing these silent killers, and will try to find ways to overcome them.

Identifying the Silent Conversion Killers

  • Not displaying your product up-front on the Home/landing page – A lot of websites makes this mistake. They would go for a Flash movie or a huge Hero banner believing that it makes the website look impressive. Sadly quite often, the image of Flash file won’t even have products displayed with links. You need to realize that most surfers on the Internet have very little patience. If they can’t find it quickly, they would look elsewhere. So don’t waste their time, and yours. Put it up, straight on the face. Make it count. Chances are, it will work for you.
  • Not driving visitors deeper into the website – In other words, do everything possible to improve the stickiness of your web pages. The longer the person stays with you, the better your chances of making that sale or getting that lead. What can you do to drive the person deeper? You could post a review of the product in the product landing page. There could be links to reviews of similar products that you are carrying. You should do this with cross-selling of course.
  • Not creating scarcity – A lot of people procrastinates. They would rather do their research before buying with the intention of returning later. But of course, most of them don’t. And this means, lost opportunities. Don’t let this happen. Create a scarcity – a ticker that shows X number of products left in stock or a timer with a time-bound special discount offer. Of course, you need to make it look genuine.
  • Not capturing the lead – Sure, you are an ecommerce website that wants to make a sale. You may even believe that lead capturing is for the lead-generators. But remember, to become a leader, you need to capture leads – you can’t ever undermine its importance. A lot of the people who are visiting your website aren’t ready to buy yet. You could give away a freebie for that email address. Or better still, you can start a newsletter service or email campaign to keep all these hot potentials in the loop. The right approach would be to look at conversions as a long-term thing.
  • Not reducing friction – There is a lot of friction everywhere you see. In the sales funnel, form submission steps, finding the right product, navigating through the website, and such others. Take a second look at what you have. Ask colleagues, friends. Talk to experts and conversion gurus. You are sure to find improvement areas.

Have some questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them. Do you need any conversion optimization help? Just send a line to us.

Niladri Bose

Niladri looks after conversion optimization, social media marketing, PPC, and content at Softz Solutions. He manages several domains at the company. Niladri has worked in several companies over a long career that spans 10 years. A Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Niladri started his career as a journalist. When he is not working or researching, Niladri is often seen planning his next vacation trip or seeing a movie.

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