Few Things about SEO That All Entrepreneurs Must Be Aware Of

Few Things about SEO That All Entrepreneurs Must Be Aware Of

As an entrepreneur you do not have to understand all the nitty-gritties about SEO for reaping maximum benefits out of it. After all, you have to lead the company and not just have to spend time to know all about Meta tags, Google Analytics and so on. All you have to do is to know few basic concepts. Here are a few important things that you should be aware of and that will help you to run your company to bring in maximum ROI.

SEO is not rocket science!

There is no quick fix in the sphere of marketing. And SEO is also not an exception. It takes few months of hard work to achieve higher rankings in SERPs and get desirable results. However the business thrives on maximum revenue generation within short period of time. In fact, many business owners calculate time span in terms of profits. However SEO fails to comply with short-term benefits. Consider it as ongoing investment that shows authentic results in terms of site’s higher ranking and increasing traffic.

SEO is continuously changing

Yes, Search engine optimization techniques are always changing. What was relevant few years ago might not be the same in the current times. To develop SEO friendly site means that it should rightly adapt to constant fluctuation of techniques as well as practices. In fact search algorithms changes regularly. Because your site is ranking in the first page does not signify that it will retain its ranking tomorrow as well. Even if changes are small it creates an impact on site’s ranking. Big changes, indeed, upset the entire scenario. Tracking down the history of Google search Algorithm changes is necessary.

SEO is all about content marketing

It is a wrong concept that Search Engine Optimization is only concerned about techniques and practices. Certainly, SEO professionals must know technical things such as ways to create sitemap.xml and also what it actually means to optimize robots.txt. Presently, Search Engine Optimization is mostly about developing content and not just pulling out all the technical tricks. In order to get desirable SEO results, an entrepreneur must invest heavily in generating high quality, unique content. Few marketers always pit content against SEO techniques, making one superior to the other. No competition would exist between them. Content marketing becomes part and parcel of SEO methodology.

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SEO service is not available at free of cost

There’s one thing that you have to remember. You can’t do SEO without spending money. An entrepreneur has to consider several expenses such as payroll, stock prices, cost projections and other expenses. Just like other expenses, you also need to allocate money for implementing best SEO strategies. A company spends in the following areas for getting best SEO services:

In-house Search Engine Optimization

Don’t think that in-house SEO service costs you less. And in return, you are bound to get quality service and improve your site’s ranking like never before. The value of in-house SEO service is undeniable.


Hiring a proficient SEO service is not adequate. Make sure that it provides effective reporting service. Reporting helps you to know what strategies work best for your site. In fact, SEO reporting is all about data. And this data do not just appear in the pie charts or graph comparisons. Actually, it has to be distilled from the Analytics. It calls for expertise of the SEO professionals to report it in a correct and effective way to convince the customers. Here lies the importance of analyzing and producing proper reporting which the entrepreneurs should be well aware.

SEO consulting services

Many companies prefer to hire SEO consulting firm and seek advice on best SEO techniques. In order to succeed, a business requires technical expertise to implement updated SEO knowledge and develop strategies accordingly. You may have to spend few thousands for it but in return you will get quality services from your chosen firm.

Link building

According to Moz’ Link Building Survey of 2014, many companies still spend a huge amount of money on building links. However the strategies have undergone a sea change. From content outreach, promotion of infographics to video submissions, the entrepreneurs utilize all these possibilities. Many companies also do not mind spending several thousand dollars per month for this purpose. Organic link building does not cost like the paid advertisement. Still link building costs. In fact entrepreneurs should realize the difference between the paid searches and organic searches. Both paid ads and link building call for spending of money.

SEO is not regarded as standalone department

The importance of SEO is felt by all the departments of an enterprise. SEO tactics are used for getting valuable data related to brand and website and every department needs to access these data. Here are the areas that are largely benefited by information offered by SEO professionals.

  • SEO becomes an integral part of content produced for virtual community
  • SEO strategies create an impact on how the PR produces content
  • Data generated from SEO are used to alter the marketing practices
  • Information generated by SEO reporting could be taken into account while determining the success of the marketing initiatives.
  • SEO makes use of social media
  • Writing press releases become an essential SEO technique
  • SEO insights must be considered while re-designing a site or understanding its usability.

It is expected that the entrepreneurs should take decision based on information or suggestions provided by the SEO professionals.

To sum up, it can be said that SEO is a strategy and not a complete solution for a business. It is important that a company must implement the necessary SEO strategies but it cannot be held responsible for all of company’s development and revenue generation issues.

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