SEO: Google Vs Bing – A Quick Comparison

So far Google has monopolized the search market and SEOs rarely thought about Bing while optimizing a website. But, after Bing and Yahoo merger the picture might change. The Microsoft search engine is going to take over nearly 30% share of the entire internet search market (considering the Yahoo search).  So, SEO professionals are in a hurry to freshen up their knowledge about Bing’s algorithm and ranking factors, which are sometimes very different than that of Google.

If you compare Bing and Google search results with the key phrase “indian seo company’ the result varies largely (except from the first site that ranks 1):

Here is a quick comparison about how and where Bing differs from Google when it comes to SEO.

Page Rank: Since it is a method patented by Google it is obvious that it will matter for Google searches and not much for Bing.

Backlink: Backlinks matter less for Bing as researches show that top ten sites in Bing search have less number of back links than their counterparts in Google search. But anchor texts pointing to relevant and quality site matter a lot for both the search engine behemoths.

Page Content: Google’s indexing process is much faster than that of Bing. Hence, site’s that regularly uploads fresh content get rewarded by Google with higher ranking. But Bing’s indexing is not that fast hence freshness of content loses importance.

Flash: It’s a known fact that Google doesn’t like Flash based sites. On the contrary, Bing is quite friendly with Flash.

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