SEO Audit: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners (Part- 2)

SEO Audit: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners (Part- 2)

So part 1’s done and dusted. Here’s part 2 where we’ll continue the steps from 5 and onwards.

Step 5: Manually check the homepage SEO with a bit more thoroughness

There are a few more fundamentals that you would need to do to ensure that the homepage SEO is in top condition.

Here are a few questions for you:

  • Does the page have a relevant title? Do you think it’s clickable enough and can get you results in the long run? (Refer to point 6 for more information)
  • Is the meta description optimized enough to generate more clicks? (refer to point 7 for more details)
  • Is there at least one H1 tag present on the webpage? If there’s one, does it conform well to the best SEO practices?
  • Are subheadings (H2, H3, etc.) properly used?

You’ll have to find out the answers to these questions ASAP. Once you get the answers, solutions are bound to follow.

Step 6: This is what you should do while optimizing homepage title tags

The title tag still remains to be the most important factor that can actually make a huge amount of difference in the results of your ranking.

Here are a few things that you should remember while optimizing title tags for your homepage:

  • The title length should be around 55 characters in total. Although there are no hard and fast rules as far as title length is concerned; but it would do you good if you try and turn this into your very personal thumb rule because it CAN give you results in the long run.
  • Try to put the name of your website at the beginning of the title.
  • Try to place a high volume keyword in the title itself.

Step 7: The homepage meta descriptions

You might argue stating that meta description doesn’t have a direct hand in affecting the ranking of a page on major search engines. If you say that, you are absolutely spot on with your assessment.

But that doesn’t mean you should not pay much heed to it. A meta description is something that can get you more clicks on search engines. So pay special attention to it during your SEO audit.

An idea meta description should:

  • Have a keyword
  • Have characters below 160, and this includes space as well.
  • Be short and right to the point.
  • Should not be deceptive.

For more information, you may refer to this article.

Step 8: Content pages should come up next

We have already discussed the analysis of the website homepage and the category pages in part 1 of this article. We have also discussed in brief the analysis of the home page meta descriptions in point number 5 of this article itself. It’s high time we move over to the content pages now.

Here are your steps:

  • Check the title tags and note down the format. Are they right up to the mark? Remember, these are important and can decide the ranking of your website on a search engine results page.
  • Analyze the meta descriptions. Note down the format again. Do you think they are good enough?
  • Check as well as note the format of the page URL. Is it too long? Does it have complex characters? If it has, fix it immediately.
  • Last but not the least, check whether the content is indexable or not.

Step 9: Check whether your website content is plagiarized or not

Duplicate content can penalize you badly on search engines.

Remember, Google absolutely HATES duplicate content. And after their new Panda algorithm update, they can now catch all sorts of plagiarized content on the web in a matter of seconds even before you realize it.

Hence, it’s immensely necessary for you to check whether your site content is plagiarized from some website or not. 

You can do this pretty easily through a paid website tool called Copyscape. Yes, it will cost you a few bucks, but the money is definitely worth it.  


Well, that brings us to the end of our second article for now. Our 3rd and final article will come up soon and that should round everything up beautifully. So do come back after a few days to check whether it has gone live or not. But till then, bye!

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