Recommended Video Contents- the New Feature of Facebook

Recommended Video Contents- the New Feature of Facebook

With the constant endeavor to make Facebook better for the users, the company is always trying something new. So, what’s new this time? Carousel of similar or popular videos will appear on the bottom of your screen once you have finished watching one video in your mobile’s News Feed. This new video interface is what we see on YouTube. Once you are done playing a particular video, there will be options like to re-watch that particular video or select a different one from the sample of similar videos provided by Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that this new feature is available to a small group of test users on Android and iOS devices. It is introduced to encourage users to upload more videos on the Facebook page. It opens the window to share your mini-movie and get more views and likes.

Video recommendations

The recommended video player will only appear after you have completed watching the direct uploads to Facebook. As soon as the video you are playing is over, that window will shrink and another black video recommendation carousel will appear at the bottom. The carousel suggests other videos uploaded by that person or some other Facebook users. Once you tap on one from that suggested list of videos, it switches to a main window. However, YouTube videos or clip on other third parties will not be showcased in similar fashion. The suggestion will help the users to find more videos they may be interested to watch.

The advantages

Initiating the video suggestions on the Facebook page can be a great game changer.

  • Suggestive videos make watching multiple videos in a row much easier
  • To gain an edge in the battle with YouTube and Vine, this video suggestion can be quite helpful for the Facebook
  • More video views will increase the engagement of users and they will stay more on a Facebook page
  • Passive video consumption will enable Facebook to enter the smart TV sector

However, wherever there is an opportunity to grab users’ attention, it opens up an avenue for sponsored recommendations. Will Facebook let this prospect to go away without using it for paid promotions? Certainly not.

Facebook Video Ads

Initiative to introduce such a feature is not coincidental. From last year, video content has remained the major focus of the company. Facebook has recently purchased video ad tech start up LiveRail, which connects marketers with the publishers on mobile and websites. LiveRail enables the marketers to create better video ads and help them to decide where it will be best to show their ads.

At the end of last year, the company has announced that there will be premium video ads in the Facebook Newsfeed. Certain marketers can tell their brand stories on Facebook through a video. The video ad will be auto-played on the Newsfeed, but it will remain silent until a user click on that. You may click or tap on it, if you like, otherwise simply scroll and the video will stop playing.

Last month, Facebook has changed their Newsfeed algorithm also to surface most relevant videos to the users. The procedure will take into account whether a user watches the video and for how long. Based on this stats, Facebook can identify what types of videos are performing well. More significant than that, it helps to identify the users who are interested to watch video contents. Those who regularly watch videos will see more videos on their Newsfeed.

Ultimately, what this social network giant is actually trying to do? It seems that they are trying to identify the section of their user base most receptive to the video ads. Though, as for now, Facebook has confirmed that the recommended video content uploaded, does not include ads. But, days are not far off when it will feature the premium video ads into the carousel.

Facebook is ready to evolve from the static photo sharing environment to a true home for full-motion videos. We have to wait now, until Facebook made recommended-video feature widely available.

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