Recognizing the Power of Social Media Marketing: The Sooner the Better

There is no denying that social media sites today, have huge impact on common man’s life. More and more people are signing up to an increasing number of social media sites to create a worldwide network of friends. With increasing popularity of social media search engine marketers are investing more time in leveraging the networking power of social media for online business promotion.

If you have not yet switched to social media for marketing your brand here are the reasons why you should opt for it immediately.


Social media marketing is highly cost-saving compared to traditional marketing strategies. And to be more precise it is much more effective than other online marketing methods such as email marketing which is more of a one-way communication to clients and customers.

Direct and Interactive

Social media lets you interact with your clients and customers in more humanly way. Online conversation and quick exchange of messages work more effectively with users.

Impact of Recommendations

If they like your messages they can instantly spread them in their networks and most of us often rely on the recommendations by our friends. Thus you can get a large number of followers shortly by letting your social media contacts advertising for you.

Quick Turnaround

It may take a long time to build a niche with your website. Making way into the first pages of popular social media, bookmark sites and online video platforms can notably increase organic traffic to your way and in turn move up the sales conversion rate to a great extent.

Improved Ranking

Social media marketing has the potential to boost the search engine ranking of your website. You get more natural back-links to your site and it becomes easier to improve rank on SERPs.

More over, Google have already started indexing real time tweets and posts from some of the prominent social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. And this real time search result works similar to Google PageRank – that’s what the SEO experts say.

Reduced Risk

You may argue that you can buy links from other website owners in little time instead of ‘wasting’ so much time behind social media marketing. Buying links might be an easier option but it in turn increases the risk of getting your site booked in Google’s black-list and banned forever. But with social media you get natural inbound links which is much more valuable in terms of search engine.

As per “2010 Social Media Marketing Survey Industry Report” about 91 percent of today’s marketers use social media to promote their business online. The number increased from that of last year’s 88 percent. It is also noticed that young marketers of age group 30-39 are more enthusiastic in using social media for branding and marketing purposes. Therefore, it is obvious that social media marketing is going to be one of the most powerful tools for online business promotion in the near future. The sooner the small business owners recognize it the better it is for them.

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