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SEO is the most suitable tool for more and more companies turning to eMarketing to reach global consumers. If you are in the business of SEO you know the growing importance of SEO software tools on the present backdrop.

Why SEO Software Tools?

SEO software tools not only help you achieve the precision it save your precious time too. Implementing SEO software can cost you extra dollars but it saves you from the monotony of repetitive tasks like link building, measuring your website rankings and submission and uploading. You can do all the tasks manually to save your money. But what happens finally? At the end of the day you don’t have time for strategic thinking and innovating new tactics to stay ahead in the race. Not availing SEO software tools can cost you a hundred times more than it actually costs.

Most Used SEO Software

WebPosition 4 is one of the most popular SEO tools of today. This all-in-one URL submission software built by the experts optimizes keyword visibility for search engines in order to improve your page ranking. The software tool also helps in advanced reporting and private labeling.

Wordtracker and NicheBot for SEO professionals involved in the business of promoting websites with by using the exact keywords appropriate for a particular site. For extensive keywords research Wordtracker is ideal.

Killer SEO Website Builder is meant for those who want to avoid the lengthy procedure of building website and then optimizing it for the search engines. This PHP based system builds search engine optimized websites and generates traffic for top rated keywords or phrases relevant for those sites.

Internet Marketing Video Training is a must have for those newbie trying to break into the business of SEO. This 22-hour video tutorial shows you how to optimize your website and achieve high page rank in Google.

Sandip Kar

A Tech Graduate by education, a Digital Marketing expert by profession and the Founder and Owner of Softz Solutions & Co. Pvt Ltd. , Sandip Kar defines entrepreneurship at its level best. He is also a founder of Brishti Technologies – an Online Marketing company that runs multiple web based businesses such as MyPrivateTutor (present in 9 countries), Tenderroots, Wizert  and more.
Started as a SEO service provider in the year of 2001, Sandip Kar has been successfully managing thousands of top International clients till date, all across the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and India. He specializes in the fields of Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing, website design, development, promotion and management- all form of online marketing ventures.


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