Project Titan: Facebook Launching Its New Webmail Service Today

Project Titan: Facebook Launching Its New Webmail Service Today

Project Titan is perhaps Facebook’s answer to Google. Google-Facebook rivalry is nothing new to internet users. Recently the search engine behemoth denied Facebook the access to Gmail. The news report read “Google has effectively blocked Facebook from accessing the Gmail Contacts API “.  And now the social networking leader is about to present its own mailing website ‘’ on November 15, 2010.

With this new webmail service users will be able to stay connected with friends and relatives. Once you activate email notification from your account settings on Facebook you will stay updated on what’s happening on the social media site including your friends status updates, photo and video uploads and wall posts. And what is more, you don’t have to log in to comment on your friends posts. Just reply those notification mails and your comment is published on Facebook without even logging in.

Whether you want to be informed on every wall post or want a daily or weekly email digest that’s up to you. This new email feature is expected to be popular among Facebook users as it enables users accessing the social media… anywhere… anytime.

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