Product Packaging to Promote Your Social Media Initiatives Off-Line

Product Packaging to Promote Your Social Media Initiatives Off-Line

By now, almost every business has its Facebook, Twitter, or presence in other social media platforms. It presents you the opportunity to present your brand or products to the countless social media users. Social ad is also a good thing to spread your business message to vast majority of audience and that too in a relatively cheaper way.

However, there exists a gap between the social campaigns and the consumers’ physical experience. If you have never thought of bringing your social media presence to the physical world, you may be missing out a prime opportunity. You will not be able to connect with your potential customer at their prime decision making moments.

Product packaging and design to bridge the gap between online and offline promotions

Product design and packaging are both relevant to bridge this gap. Product packaging and design is an art. If you can fully express your brand personality and value through it, it is going to attract the attention of the consumers.

“Share a Coke” campaign that concludes on August 30 have swept US. Thirsty fans clamored to find their names on Coca-Cola bottles, on Coke Zero, or Diet Coke. The project combines social media and product design at almost every level. The brand printed 250 most popular first names in the country to give their customers a personalized and in some ways a flattering experience. Customers are motivated to share their customized bottles on social media page.

Incorporating hashtag to strengthen your marketing efforts

The company further encouraged them to take a selfie with their bottle and share it with #ShareACoke #SelfieSweeps on Twitter and Facebook page. Incorporating hashtags, can turn the customer’s interaction with your brand into a memorable and engaging experience.

If the design itself what attracts your customers, hashtags are what turn the product and brand into a friend. When you are able to collaborate both the concept, no doubt there will be a powerful campaign.

Let’s take a look at few such examples:

In another campaign this year, Diet Coke printed #ShowYourHeart on their cans. The initiative was taken to raise awareness about the women’s heart health. They partnered with actress Minka Kelly. Five fans were sent to Red Dress Collection Fashion Show in New York, where they have met with Minka.

The campaign included a contest where the users were asked to submit photos with the #ShowYourHeart tag. The company has selected to use a hashtag, instead of using the QR code or anything else as it is easier to understand and use.

Hashtags are not only used to make your search process easier or for branding, it helps to unite the consumers on the basis of product ideas and useful information.

Fast food giant Wendy’s launched a hashtag campaign to promote their flatbread grilled chicken sandwich. #twEATfor1K promotion invited the customers to follow 3 simple steps to win $1,000. They have to

  • Take a snap of Wendy’s grilled chicken flatbread
  • Tweet the pic to Wendy’s using #twEATfor1K
  • Wait to see if you are a lucky winner

Through the hashtag campaign, the company promotes two simple messages tweet and eat. It makes the product as well as the social media platform popular.

To do hashtag marketing successfully, you have to consider every possible platform. Social media is the most obvious choice that comes to mind at first, you can also consider off-line promotions. Hashtags placed on product packaging also seek engagement from the customers.

ASDA in order to make “Chosen By You” own food brand more closer and emotional to the customers, add social media posts to its packaging and point of sales where the products sit. The British grocery chain encouraged the customers to tweet and write Facebook posts using #ChosenByMe hashtag. The best posts appear on Some of them are selected to appear on-pack and in-store point of sales. It empowers self-expression and self-branding. Consumers are not just dumb receivers. They want to get involved with the products also.

Consumers will feel interest about your brand or product, if they have the opportunity to contribute at least for some aspect in the designing process, however, insignificant it is. Campaigns like that of ASDA really engage the consumers.

If you find something unique and relevant, it is always makes sense to find the appropriate hashtag. Once you are successful in capturing the related hashtags, promote in every possible medium- online and off-line. Product design and packaging are important sectors where you can incorporate it.

In fact, product packaging and design is the only way you can draw consumers into your online campaigns. A social campaign is very much effective but a single hashtag on your product packaging can connect users to that social campaign.

Will you choose to let go off the opportunity or use hashtags for fostering a much deeper relationship?

Madhurima Gupta

Madhurima Gupta is a digital marketing enthusiast and takes interest in online marketing, social media promotions and search engine optimization. She is associated with content writing, blogging and social media engagement. She is a content developer in Softz Solutions.

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