Google Expands Pigeon Update to the UK, Australia, and Canada

Google Expands Pigeon Update to the UK, Australia, and Canada

The speculation was on. And it’s a confirmed news now. Google has brought about a change in algorithm once again. But this time, it’s only for a few places. Google Pigeon Update, which was implemented in the US in July 2014 has been expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Confirmation Received from Google

Google has confirmed that Google Pigeon Update has been rolled out to wider geographical boundaries beyond the United States and is now expected to affect the searches in these 3 countries as well. When asked about the latest Update, a Spokesperson from Google said, “I can confirm that this update has rolled out to the UK, Canada and Australia.”

So, the people of the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada will all be able to experience enhanced local search results.

Focus on Local Search Results

Good local search is important. It’s essential to have relevant and accurate search results from near you when you search for something on the internet.

That’s what Google feels. And that was the sole reason behind the Google Pigeon update in the US on July 24, 2014. And the impact this change in algorithm had on local searches was significant. And the changes were not limited to Google Maps only. It showed in the Google search engine results for US English queries as well. And it had an immense impact on the locally based small and medium businesses. Many of them referred to Google Pigeon Update as the biggest one for such businesses.

What Changes will the Businesses Experience?

Google Pigeon Update is expected to bring about a few changes in the local search results. This is expected to impact businesses. They are likely to experience an increase or a decrease in business, website referrals, or leads. Thus, this Update is likely to have a direct impact on the profit of a company.

Positive Impact of the Google Pigeon Update

A number of businesses benefitted significantly from the Update. Here’s a quick look at the way some of them grew in the Google Places results after this Update was implemented:

  • Education – 13%
  • Food – 19%
  • Hospitality – 28%

Besides, a few other businesses also experienced marginal increase in search queries. Some of these are:

  • Spa – 4.64 percent
  • Shop – 4.32 percent
  • Law – 3.55 percent
  • Medical – 1.83 percent
  • Transportation – 1.31 percent
  • Fitness – 1.12 percent

Negative Impact on a Few Businesses

If you think Google Pigeon Update was all excellent, you’re wrong. It wasn’t a great thing for all businesses. Many of them experienced a drop in search results on Google Places. Some of the businesses that experienced some loss include:

  • Jobs – 68%
  • Real estate – 63%
  • Movies – 36%
  • Insurance – 11%
  • Finance – 6.21%
  • Furniture – 3.34%
  • Government – 0.07%

Now, with the Pigeon Update being confined to the United States and to the US English searches only, a large number of businesses could remain out of its ambit. But the recent change is sure to put the businesses across the globe on their toes.

The Update to Influence Strategic Changes

Google Pigeon Update is expected to inspire a few strategic changes for the businesses as well. Businesses that are targeting the local market are bound to be undertake a few planned moves to perform better. According to Brightlocal, which first noticed the changes:

  • 69% businesses think Google Pigeon Update will be good for the searchers
  • 58% businesses operating in the local markets will change their tactics
  • 33% will stick to their older business strategy

The change of strategies are expected to help the businesses remain relevant in the competitive business landscape. A few might even perform better, as the changes will help them.

Future Plans

Google has confirmed that this roll out of the Pigeon Update is expected to be a continuous process. So, this will be expanded to a number of places beyond just the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In fact, Google has plans to expand this to all English-speaking countries, except India.

It remains to be seen how the businesses react to the Google Pigeon Update rollout in these new countries. But the Update surely has enough in it to help the local business make the most out of the change.

Dipanjan Mukherjee

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