Passive SEO – What’s that?

Have you ever coined a term? Use your imagination and see if you can find out any instance that can be named in a different way. It’s fun! Today, I am going to coin a new term – Passive SEO. Let’s define the phrase.

Definition of Passive SEO

Passive SEO includes the activities that may not have direct impact on website ranking, but are integral part of SEO, Conversion and Internet Marketing.

Elements of Passive SEO

Analytics is a passive SEO element. Alvin asked a question after reading my post on SEO Audit. Does Google Analytics influence website rank?

The answer is in one word – ‘No’. I believe that Google does not check whether Google Analytics is configured or not while ranking websites. But, have you ever seen an SEO expert not using Analytics?

The answer is again in one word – ‘No’. An expert will always use analytics to evaluate the performance of a website – it can be Google Analytics or something else.

Analytics help you in many ways provided you have the ability to convert data into facts. You can suddenly reveal some keywords that are sending traffic to your way, you can find out the pages that are not performing well, you can locate the exit points and take suitable steps to reduce bounce rates and so on.

Another passive SEO element is Google AdWords! Many people have asked me whether signing up for AdWords help in organic ranking or not. Ideally, AdWords should not have any relation with organic search result. But, it helps in SEO. Here goes my experience:

While writing Ad Copy for one of our websites, suddenly I used one keyword and created an ad around the phrase. This phrase was in our preferred keyword list, but we never concentrated on this.

And I logged in to my client area next day to see that this new ad received maximum number of clicks. In no time I understood that we should target this keyword for organic SEO. Thus AdWords helped me to refine my keyword list. Passive SEO!

Sandip Kar

A Tech Graduate by education, a Digital Marketing expert by profession and the Founder and Owner of Softz Solutions & Co. Pvt Ltd. , Sandip Kar defines entrepreneurship at its level best. He is also a founder of Brishti Technologies – an Online Marketing company that runs multiple web based businesses such as MyPrivateTutor (present in 9 countries), Tenderroots, Wizert  and more.
Started as a SEO service provider in the year of 2001, Sandip Kar has been successfully managing thousands of top International clients till date, all across the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and India. He specializes in the fields of Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing, website design, development, promotion and management- all form of online marketing ventures.


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