New Version of Google Analytics: What is There for You

New Version of Google Analytics: What is There for You

Google has always been trying to make our life easier. Till date there is no exception to it. Whether it is instant and latest search results, custom look and feel of Gmail or social media engagement by G+ – you will never repent on Google’s service. It is all for user’s benefits, for you me and everyone on web.

Next time when you log on to Google analytics of your website you will understand why and how.

The new version of Google Analytics is real teat to your eyes and minds. You can literally do much more with your analytics data –far advanced and far in detail that you never thought of. The look and feel   has also improved drastically.  Right from your analytics dashboard to reporting format everything has got a new appearance that you are sure to like and recommend others.

Webmasters and website owners are the most fortunate ones in this regard. They can enjoy playing with crucial data in any form and anytime they want. This was never before earlier.  It gives you so much of freedom, flexibility and fairness while dealing with site analytics.

The added features are also worth mentioning. Not only you can track your visitor’s profile like a hawk but also can do business conversions in better way. If you want to surprise your client with a complete set of site audit report this new version can get you right on job.

Well so much has been told about its usability benefits.  Now let us see what actually the changes are:

1. Speedier Report making

Google has announced three new features to improve data crunching during report generation. Now you can watch your reports load faster. There will be a visual indicator that will show the progress of loading. Now your reports on Google analytics will load once and it will be visible on your computer as long as it is open. You can just click on refresh report and see the updated one.  You can also control your report calculation with the help of fast-access mode.  It does not matter if the report requires calculation on 2, 50,000 visits, you get highly accurate data in return.

2. New languages incorporated

Now Google analytics is available in 9 new languages. In total it is 40 languages. So from next time there is no reason to repent if you are a Serbian or a Hebrew. To change the language of your analytics account you have to activate the new interface and then visit settings page. From there you can select the new language.

3. Visitor’s flow view

This is something to make you feel overwhelmed.  Visitor’s flow view provides a graphical representation of traffic source – both ups and downs.  The graph is highly interactive as you can hover over the node and get information at a glance.  Such visualizations give you better picture and more resourceful insights on how to engage users during promotions.

4. Goal flow view

This allows site owners to set a target for better traffic conversion. After you define the goal steps and page group of interests you can track how visitors navigate each of the steps that you.  Thus the goal view   tells you how visitors interacted with your site and they were dropped off.

 5. Social media review

Now measuring social media influence of your website is even easier. Just by viewing social engagement section you can see how many visitors of you are socially engaged and how many are not. You can also measure site usage, Ecommerce value and ad sense revenues of your site. Counting +1d of your G+ account is also easy with new analytics available to you.

There are more Google analytics has in offer for you.  Whether it is the advanced look of your ad words account, introduction of multichannel funnels, options of custom report making or measuring G+ effect on your site – Google is always at your service.

So next time, when you log on to your analytics account make sure you have activated new version of it. Say good bye to older version today only.

Sanat Singha

Sanat Singha looks after Corporate Communications and Relationship Management for overseas clients at Softz Solutions. He also leads content writing and blogging team which always inspires him to do something new and productive. Prior to Softz Solutions Sanat worked with Cyber Media India Online Ltd.(CIOL) and Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. With more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing and ad sales he continues to deliver strategic inputs wherever and whenever required.

A Master in Science from Calcutta University and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Marketing Management from AIMA, Bangalore, Sanat grew up scaling advertising and media industry, both online and offline. He was a Semester Topper in 2006-2008 batch (IBMR, Bangalore) and was awarded with Gold Medal for his achievement.


On a personal level he is an acute blogger and a singer. You may catch him up cooking delicious dishes on weekends. Follow him on Google Plus.

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