Maximizing Conversions of Your Website

Maximizing Conversions of Your Website

When it comes to online marketing, the first and foremost approaches that the marketers adopt are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media or PPC (Pay per Click) to improve the flow of traffic for the website. While these are effective ways to generate more web-traffic, but do these measures help to boost sales or increase the rate of conversion. Research shows that marketers spend pennies for their conversion efforts. For every $92 spent to acquire traffic, only $1 is spent to optimize it.

Get a simple fact-when your website’s conversion is not optimized, how much time, effort and money you may invest to drive traffic to the site all will be wasted. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a digital marketing strategy that is solely focused on making more money. The most interesting aspect of CRO is that it can generate more sales from the same amount of traffic that your website is currently receiving. Therefore, before pumping more dollars for SEO, social media and PPC initiatives, figure out how you can drive higher percentage of your web-traffic to sign up for  the site’s products and services. In simple terms, you have to successfully convert the traffic into leads or sales.

But, how will you make the conversion funnel more effective? First, you need to understand that conversion is not synonymous to sale, but it denotes that a person proceeds a little further down the purchase funnel. Depending on the website, a conversion may mean the number of people who filled the contact form, signed a petition, clicked an email or made a purchase.

The Basics

If you are looking to increase the conversion rate, break down the process into various elements. For that you have to go through the important pages of your site and find out the:

  • Common consumer pathways
  • Few important stats

Armed with the information, you can focus on the optimization strategy and improve the process of conversion.

Selecting the suitable approach

By now you must have understood the importance of CRO, but when it comes to implementing the strategy most of the marketers are confused what they actually have to do. A lot of people perform testing with different approaches to decide the changes that can better the conversions. However, there are also many who copy what other winners and sites are doing.

But, while you are copying other site’s strategy, there is no guarantee you will have the same result as them. Unless you study your site thoroughly and perform the tests yourself, you cannot confirm which one will be the most apt approach in your case.

A/B test offers a simple way to find out whether a variation has any effect on the conversion in relation to the existing website. When you wish to make several changes, go for the multivariate testing. Every time you make a change, test whether it affects your conversion or not. The reason is that you may introduce a change with a hope to increase the conversions; tests may confirm a completely different result.

Common aspects that are usually selected for test are:

  • Page layout and navigation
  • Headline
  • Placement of call to action button
  • Size of the order button
  • Wording of call to action

Create a clear value proposition

Marketers try to improve their conversions by making changes in font colors, altering sizes of the call to action button or incorporating new image in their website. However, most of the time those variations do not bring in the desired results. Actually, the first step of any conversion optimization project will be to strengthen the value proposition.

A customer likes to know “Why he or she should buy from you?” or “What is it there in the website for him or her?” You need to convey what is unique about your company, services and products. Not only that, for optimal result you have to communicate all the messages in effective manner. The effectiveness is best determined when it resonates with the prospects. It is an ongoing process which includes recognizing, expressing and testing.

Mistakes you should avoid

Sometimes asking for sale too fast may hamper the conversion process. People may not always be psychologically ready to commit purchase. Especially, when the product is expensive or complicated, people take more time to make any decision. You need to develop the relationship and trust before steering the customers to the call to action button. Longer and deeper is your relationship with the prospect, the most likely they will purchase from you.

Fancy and complicated business language cannot sale your products or services. There are several websites and if the people find difficulty in understanding your site, they will not hesitate to switch to the second one. Therefore, make sure that your site’s information is simple and easily comprehensible by all.

Focus on

Your goal is to maximize your business and for that you need to guide the users towards the action you want to take them. Remember, that the users will not try to figure out what they have to do and where to click. It has to be evident.

Here are few steps to make your site useful and easy to use:

  • Make the next step prominent than other links in the webpage
  • Avoid having ads in your site
  • Build better filters for pages with too many product choices, otherwise your prospects will be at lost
  • Avoid all types of errors
  • Include fewer fields in the order or sign up form
  • Allow the user to purchase as guest
  • Provide clear contact information
  • Update the site’s content often
  • Remove any kind of distractions

It is always better to adopt split testing path. Optimizing one page at a time helps you to understand the boost in conversions. If your website sucks, optimizing a single page will not work. Therefore, do not waste your time testing, get a new site.

Madhurima Gupta

Madhurima Gupta is a digital marketing enthusiast and takes interest in online marketing, social media promotions and search engine optimization. She is associated with content writing, blogging and social media engagement. She is a content developer in Softz Solutions.

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