Your Ultimate Guide for LinkedIn Marketing

Your Ultimate Guide for LinkedIn Marketing

Learn how LinkedIn marketing solutions can allow your business develop relationships and generate more leads. LinkedIn is considered to be the best social networking site for the professionals, with a huge membership of over 259 million in more than 200 countries across the world.

LinkedIn offers diverse ways to build your brand as well as business reputation throughout the network and get valuable traffic to your site. Here are a few important areas you should take advantage of, on this social networking site for improving branding and traffic influx.

1.Create a suitable LinkedIn profile

You can create your individual professional profile page on LinkedIn. Build a customized, authentic and unique profile to get noticed easily and create a lasting impression on your relevant business community. Normally the professional LinkedIn profiles rank on top few search results on the search engines for your particular name. Competing profile is important to create the best impression on the visitors who are looking for you. Here are a few elements that you must include in your profile.

Use appropriate pictures and names only

Put up your professional picture, preferably a headshot that you have used on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. The reason is simple. It helps others visit your profile and identify you on your LinkedIn profile easily. Just like pictures, you should always use real name for your LinkedIn profile.

Optimize the headline and professional Summary

This section is the best way to emphasize your professional experience. Make sure that you mention about the industry you belong to, since the employers use that particular field while searching. Pay attention to the headline for the similar reason. When anyone views your profile, he or she generally looks into the headline first since it is just at the top of your LinkedIn page.

Your skills as well as expertise

LinkedIn has introduced section that allows you to organize your expertise as well as skills. You can add your test scores, certifications, publications, languages and so on. It is displayed immediately after highlighting your academic credentials. Earlier you had to find out a place for these valuable details, often in summary or education sections. Now you can stand out from the crowd and highlight yourself as a deserving candidate.

2.Develop Professional Connections

Establishing network with other professionals is different from that of Twitter. Recently, brought out a report on the ways of building online presence with help of effective LinkedIn connections.

The specialty of LinkedIn is that you are not able to invite unknown people to join the network. If the person already exists in your email contact or if you find someone during your colleague or classmate search, then process is simplified. You have to click check box just next to names of people you wish to invite and then press the button for sending invitations. LinkedIn sends generic invitation if you do not specify that you wish to add your personal note. Plus, you can also grow connections by the following ways:

  • Participating in LinkedIn Answers as well as LinkedIn Groups
  • Including one link to LinkedIn profile on website, emails as well as other social profiles.
  • Using People Search option to find out people at particular compartments who are residing in specific countries as well as working in relevant industries.


Try to get as many recommendations as possible from different Linked members for particular work experiences you have enlisted on LinkedIn profile. You can ask recommendations through email or directly through ‘Ask for Recommendations’ option on your profile. Recommending other Linked Connections is another option for you. Your acquaintances will be glad to see your noble effort and also return your favor by giving recommending in your page.

4.Build a smart LinkedIn Company Page

Building LinkedIn profile page is just the first step. You need to maintain a suitable LinkedIn company page. It helps you to get fantastic results by promoting your brand, building better career opportunities as well as educating all your prospective clients on your services and products. From adding company logo or banner to writing overview, everything should be incorporated. Make sure that you use ‘Company Follow Button’ on your own site. With a single click, the Linked members who have logged in LinkedIn can start following the updates of your company.

5.Leverage LinkedIn Groups for marketing

Gaining membership of LinkedIn groups is ideal for marketing your brand. It offers valuable opportunities for networking in order to gain access to information that are best for your brand improvement.

The groups that allow you to post anything may also allow you to connect to your updated website content. It is an excellent way to promote your blog, or any informative articles of your website. The next step is to post these links to that content. For that, you first have to go to your groups in LinkedIn, start a discussion and attach a link.

When you post such link, you must see if there is any comment on that particular link. It will show your group members that you wish to build relationship with them and not just blindly promoting your brand to them. You also have the opportunity to get listed on homepage of your LinkedIn group as ‘Top Influencer of Week’. In this way you can be easily noticed by other members without any difficulty.

6.More about Promoting Brand through LinkedIn Groups

Follow the simple rule. You should not overdo. To be specific, if you become a member of any particular group, you should not start spamming. All you have to do is to answer the questions that you understand and try to help out other people. Don’t just promote yourself blatantly. It will help you gain reputation as a trusted authority in your professional sector.

For the same reason, you can also create your own LinkedIn group. Make sure that you link content occasionally. Share link with others, only if it is valuable for these people. To gain trust of others and promote yourself, make sure that you go there regularly. Creating as well as maintaining a group is essential to keep any conversation going.

7.Get Started With Successful LinkedIn Advertising

If you wish to try out to reach out to professionals and businesses of your industrial sector, then LinkedIn advertising is another valuable option for you. Unlike Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or any other advertising platforms, LinkedIn has effective and specific targeting options that allow you to increase conversion rates while reducing cost at the same time. Check out the different aspects of LinkedIn Advertising

Target Audience

You can reach out to almost everyone who is browsing LinkedIn or other partner websites such as LinkedIn Audience Network. With such a huge audience network, the Linked members view the advertisements even if they are visiting other sites and are not browsing a particular page on LinkedIn .com.


Like other social media advertising campaign, LinkedIn advertisement features a short and catchy headline, ad copy, destination URL etc. Unlike other standard Adwords advertisements, you can add your own photograph.


Make a change in your LinkedIn ads, at least one time per month. Generally, new ads receive boost in terms of the impression and also have a scope of scoring higher Click-through rate (CTR) than previous advertisements. Do not run more than two advertisements at the same time. Also you should run the advertisement for a prolonged period of time.

Lead Tracking

There are two ways of tracking your business leads that are generated through LinkedIn ads. One way is through your landing page. Give away something absolutely at free of cost so that you can attract your potential customers and build up relationship with them. Another option is to avail the ‘lead collection’ that helps you to collect business leads directly through your ad campaign.

Conversion Tracking

Monitoring the total conversion from your particular LinkedIn advertisement is important. The reason is that you have to see if your LinkedIn advertisement generates maximum ROI and whether your campaign is at all profitable for your business. And you have to use analytics to track the actual conversion particular to your Linked Ads.

A recent survey shows that LinkedIn is ideal marketing tool for business-to-business companies. It drives traffic, generates more leads and few B2B marketing professionals even consider it as the best ‘B2B social networking site’. The key is to set up your professional profile and then promote it effectively on the social media. You can also plan your LinkedIn advertisements and check if it is suitable for your brand. Leverage LinkedIn as an effective and new-age tool for social media marketing and popularize your brand like never before.

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