Create Interactive Content to Attract Your Targeted Audience

It’s high time for marketing personnel to learn that when they are not interacting with the audience, they may be ignored. Definitely, as a marketer, you do not want to get ignored. Here are a few ways to leverage the best interactive techniques to wow your potential customers.


In 2013, New York Times and Buzzfeed had one thing in common. The most popular content on both these platforms were not the well-researched content written by eminent journalists. Instead, the quiz contents caught the attention of maximum visitors.

In fact, quizzes involve little investment and are effective tools to engage the audience. Do not create quizzes to generate leads. You must develop them to increase brand awareness. A quiz must be educational and entertaining. It needs to motivate the participants to share the results. Below are a few approaches you might consider to develop an effective quiz:

  • Usually people would wish to participate as well as share quizzes that are related to their favorite cities, character or celebrities.
  • Why don’t you try a trivia game? Ask the participants how much they know about a particular subject and also rate them at the end. Check out some examples of trivia quizzes.
  • Like any other good content, the quizzes perform better with the images. You may also use the images to clarify the answers.
  • Top quizzes use quite a few images to illustrate the answers.
  • Writing the quiz results seem to be more important than crafting the questions. In other words, the participants should be able to relate to different results, so that they can share with the friends.
  • Make sure that you use large fonts as well as colorful pictures. Maintain a light and fun-filled environment for any quiz. The proficient marketers would generally restrict the questions of the quiz to 12 only. If you exceed that number, you will definitely lose the attention of the participants.

In a nutshell, the quizzes are entertaining and can be an effective tool for content marketing. The goal is to establish the quiz around interests of the target audience and also make it compelling enough. This will persuade the participants to share the results with other people. By creating quizzes, you can increase interaction with the audience and turn them into your customer quite easily.


Do you wish to interact and engage your audience? Well, you must try out the polling techniques. Here are a few advantages of polling as a vital interactive content marketing tool:

Offers Customer Feedback Successfully

Everyone wants valuable customer feedback on a regular basis. But it’s not easy to get. By using polls, you may ask the audience for their own views or thoughts in the way that becomes easy, fast as well as exciting for them.

Engage and Build Rapport with the Audience

This polling technique is a great way to communicate with the audience. It also invites them to explore the fun and excitement of participating in such an event. It is a nice technique to listen to them as well as shows them how you value their inputs. Building rapport with the audience is possible in this manner.

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Double the content

If you start a poll, you are actually adding two pieces of content: the actual poll itself and also the content piece that shares the results. In this way, your audience will interact with the brand twice — once with the poll through the voting process. And then, through commenting. If it is really an intriguing poll, then both the pieces will go viral. It will be an added bonus for you.


Gamifying the content involves investment. But the attention as well as engagement it gains is enormous. In fact, the gamification of business is the recent trend. When the organizations become more focused on the business goals, gamification helps to make the workplace more engaging as well as productive. It changes the entire rule of engagement and inspires the staffs to change their behavior. Accordingly, by 2015, nearly 40% of 1,000 global organizations will use the gamification technique as one of the primary mechanisms to change business operations.

In fact, a gamified content is designed to cater to the particular requirements or goals of the campaign. So, it is just perfect for brand awareness. Keeping track of the scores of the gamers and allowing them even to share the scores with the friends may help even the simplest of the games drive unexpected reach.

Have you heard about Samsung Nation? Yes, it is a perfect example of gamification by Samsung. This exciting rewards program for social media allows you to earn badges and also have the fun discovering all the things Samsung has to offer. All you have to do is to participate in a Q&A session with other users, watch their videos, review the products, and perform a few other activities.

Interactive Videos

Marketing through interactive videos differs from static video advertisements. While you just watch the latter, the former offers you the scope of interacting through the video. Just by clicking or touching, you may easily communicate with others. Still feeling confused? Stop worrying. Learn the steps:

Include Interactive Hotspots

These motion tracking tags are used for adding objects as well as people within the video. All these hotspots allow the audience the scope to click the links or even learn more information about the products within the video. A perfect example of interactive hotspot would be clicking a nice collar of a dog inside a video for revealing the information on the collars, scratching toys, or even linking it to the website for buy buying dog collars.

Selecting the path

One of the effective ways for using interactive videos is through the storytelling approach. Many marketers use interactive video ads to develop a story with diverse scenarios. Within such advertisement, the marketers may allow the viewers valuable scope to click a link and then follow the story that follows.

This option can easily turn the advertisement from dull ads to a complete entertaining media. The process of interaction allows a viewer to pay more attention to the advertisement content. In a nutshell, the marketer must expand the horizon, especially if it comes to a video. Besides, he also needs to embrace new interactive design possibilities. If you act slowly, the other brands will effectively solidify their position and get higher engagement or involvement with the customers.

In a nutshell, finding interactive ways to engage with audiences may spell the difference between a successful business and also a futile one. By trying out the techniques highlighted above, you will not just deliver a message, but will get an altogether new experience.

Sayantani Das

Sayantani Das is a content writer who contributes to Softz Solutions blog and other popular blogs on a regular basis. She is enthusiastic about writing content on a wide array of topics such as social media marketing, web design and development, online marketing and so on. Besides writing, she is a lover of music and likes to read books.

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