Image Optimization Checklist

Image Optimisation can bring substantial increase in traffic to your site.  Here is a checklist to determine if your images are all well optimized.

  • Are you using Keyword(s) in image ALT attribute
  • Are you using Keyword(s) in image Title attribute
  • Are you using Keyword(s) in image Caption
  • Are you using Keyword(s) in text block close to the image
  • Are you using Keyword(s) in image filenames
  • Are you building links to your image files with Keyword rich anchor text

Answer to each of the above questions should be a ‘yes’. One caveat that you need to keep in mind is that it is easy to get carried away and start stuffing keywords in above mentioned places. Resist that temptation! It can lead to over-optimization and bring ranking penalties for your website. Use keyword(s) as suggested above but at the same time take care not to make the image attributes look stuffed and spammy. If in doubt, use normal descriptive attributes for your images.

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