How to Make a Viral Infographic in 10 Simple Ways

How to Make a Viral Infographic in 10 Simple Ways

Infographics are an exceptionally interesting tool to interact with potential clients or readers in a general sense. By sharing information visually with readers, these little tidbits of graphics can promote your business to the mass-market effectively and quickly at the same time.

So how can you make a viral infographic within a few steps? There are a few simple ways. Let’s go through them without further ado.

1. Know your target niche

You are preparing an infographic with a specific goal; aren’t you? It might be anything ranging from a client’s business website to that of your very own personal website.

However it is; you must know your niche well. You must know the readers who are going to be intrigued by your infographic.

2. Find a unique content angle

If you want to make a viral infographic, the first thing that you have to do is to find a shocking or an interesting or a fun (highly advisable) content angle. You have delve deeper into a genre that can quite possible create a stir among the masses.

This requires extensive research and current-affairs knowledge that are relevant to your niche. Make sure you keep that in mind.

3. The title must be catchy and easy on the eye

Your infographic has to catch your reader’s attention at moment’s notice. The title plays a vital role in serving the same purpose. So pay special attention to the title as much as possible and make it as catchy and unique as possible.

4. Highlight your infographic with key facts and quality sources

Your infographic should be decorated with key facts and figures. It must ensure the fact that the reader’s dragged from the very top to the very bottom and must not leave in between.

The presence of interactive facts and figures supported by attractive visuals keeps the interactions going throughout the infographic. Implement this trick up your sleeve to create viral and interesting infographics.

5. The visualization might be tricky but is absolutely vital

Everything depends on the visualization of the infographics.

If you are sourcing images for your infographic designs, make sure that your sourced images are legally free of any constraints for commercial uses.

You can hire a graphic designer to make outstanding infographics on your behalf; or if you have decent knowledge of designing tools such as Photoshop, you can do this job on your own. Just ensure that your visualization’s bold enough to catch the attention in a jiffy.

6. Host your infographic image in the form of a standalone blog

For maximum interactions and promotions, you should try and host your infographic image on your website in the form of a standalone blog. There should be a title along with a relevant keyword. Along with that, put in a couple of relevant paragraphs and you’ll be set for the task.

7. Your infographic image must be tagged with relevant keywords

The title* of the image should be the actual title present in the infographic. The keywords need to be introduced in the Alt-tag* row.

(* The explanation’s done on basis of the WordPress content management platform.)

8. Include social sharing options on the infographic blog post

If you want to gain maximum impressions on your infographic blog site, you just have to include social sharing options on your site. That’s because most organic traffic comes from major social networking platforms such as twitter, Facebook etc.

Your goal is to create something that can create an internet sensation. For that, sharing on social platforms is an absolute must.

9. Host your infographic on famous hosting websites

This process can also bring the odds in your favor.

Reputed image hosting sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit etc. has the potentials of creating your infographic an internet sensation (if it’s potentially designed in such a way).

10. Last but not the least, consider hiring an expert infographic designer

If you are feeling a little more ambitious with this project of yours, you can hire a professional infographic service based on the niche of your choice (such as business, education, technology, lifestyle etc.) to do this job on your behalf.

An expert designer has various tricks up his/her sleeve to make the visual matter more attractive and more relevant to your requirement. So it’s indeed an investment having high ROI.

So have a clear plan and go ahead with your design. You just might get your wish at moment’s notice and make your business an internet sensation within the blink of eye. Best of luck!

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