How to Increase ROI on PPC Campaign by Reducing Expenses

How to Increase ROI on PPC Campaign by Reducing Expenses

Online marketing has gained ground over the last few years. The perfect way to reach out to millions of customers at one go, this form of marketing has already become extremely popular among both the companies and the people. There are different types of internet marketing. While some of them come free of cost, there are several forms of paid marketing as well. In recent times, Pay per Click (PPC) form of online advertisements are becoming more and more popular with every passing day.

The popularity of PPC is still on the rise. However, a large number of business owner are hesitant to go for PPC. The primary reason is that there is a common belief — no matter what you do, the PPC expenditure is huge and beyond the reach of small business owners. However, this is primarily a misconception. There are ways to launch a PPC campaign and make it successful without actually spending an exorbitant amount. It is important for the business owners to have an idea of these steps to make the most of the PPC ads at low expenses.

Go Negative

You might be wondering, what kind of an advice is this! Well, it might sound weight and you might think, “Why shouldn’t I be optimistic of achieving excellent results when I feel like still continuing to try?” Well, this has nothing to do with pessimism. All you need to do is identify the negative keywords in your PPC campaign. This ensures that when people search for other things, which might be close to your keywords but not exactly what you offer, your ads will not be displayed. If you do not use these negative keywords, you might have to pay for clicks, which will surely not convert into business and bring you any money. You can use the negative keywords, so that your ad is not displayed in cases when the user is actually not looking for the products and services that you offer.

Make the Ad Location Specific

Your business is located completely in New York and your offerings are planned for people in the city. You do not have any plan, as of now, to take your business beyond the borders of the city. Then what’s the use if your ad is viewed by someone in Ohio or in London? Even worse, if someone clicks your ad sitting in some place other than New York City. You need to pay Google, Yahoo or the other search engine service providers, although it means no conversion or monetary gain for you. Want to solve this issue? Use the geo-location features offered by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine service providers. This feature allows you to restrict the display of your keywords within the places where you are offering your products and services.

Make Use of Long Tail Keywords for More Perfection

Long tail keywords can come in handy to reduce the excessive spending on your PPC campaign. Wondering what these long tail keywords are? In many cases, you will find that the users looking for some specific thing in a search engine use long terms. The primary objective is to match and find their exact requirements. For example, if a person going to Hawaii plan to look for a resort, rather than typing resort in Hawaii, he might end up typing luxurious beach resort in Hawaii. Thus, you can include the long tail keywords to ensure that when a user is looking for something that you can offer, his search term matches perfectly with your keyword. This will surely help to increase the number of conversions, as your ad will be clicked only by those people who are truly interested in what you are offering your customers.

Activate Ads Only during Specific Times

Who are your target audience? When do they come online? You can find this after observing at what time your advertisements are achieving maximum conversions. You can remain assured that it is only during this time that your target audience remain active. There is no use of keeping your advertisements on for clicks during the other times of the day. However, it is also important that you understand when the advertisements are experiencing maximum clicks, which are not resulting in any sale. Hence, you better keep them inactive during the other times of the day. This will significantly lower your spending for PPC advertisements. You can utilize the options offered by the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and others to set your ads for a specific period each day.

Increase Conversion with Dynamic Keywords

Do you know what dynamic keywords are? Have you ever thought of using them in your PPC campaign? Dynamic keywords help to trigger an ad and it is done depending completely on what your user is searching. Hence, this is likely to be quite relevant to what the user is looking for. Hence, dynamic keywords are expected to make only those people interested who will help to make the conversion come true. Thus, these dynamic keywords are going to help you keep the PPC costs low. Yet, you will be able to have the relevant clicks on your ads. This means there will be minimum loss from false clicks and maximum conversion.

Increase Relevance to Improve Quality Score

As you must already understand, the key to making the most of PPC campaigns lies in the relevance of keyword and the ad group. Some of the campaigns are so relevant that they have only a single keyword for an ad group. However, you have the option of using different types of matches. Always remember that you will have to make your keywords relevant to the ad group. This will help to minimize false clicks and maximize conversion, thus ensuring lower expenses. The quality score of a campaign improves as the relevance increases. It can also be achieved through highly targeted keywords. And all these can be achieved without spending a hefty amount as well.

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