How to do Guest blogging at its best?

How to do Guest blogging at its best?

In real means, blogs have redefined the way we used to see SEO and social media even a couple of years back.  Since WordPress came into existence the concept of blogging has popularised more. Today you can expect even a novice to start his or her own blog. And, why not? The practice of blogging has got smoother, better and user-friendly.

Well that is from a blogger’s point in view.

1. What is about advertisers who are pouring money into SEO job month after month?

2. Are they aware of possible advertising opportunities a blog can provide?

3. Do advertisers know the demand of contextual links replacing typical link-building process?

4. Do they consider blog marketing as a major part of social media promotion?

A lot has changed in monthly link scope as search engines have shifted their attention to updated and interactive pages. Now blog has turned into a good resource to collect quality backlinks. And to none of our ignorance typical link-building process is taking back stage.

  • How do you market your business website through guest blog posting?
  • How do you find theme-based, high quality blogs to promote your campaigns?
  • Even if you are contacting a SEO company for guest posting what are the parameters you must consider high?

Here are a few advices how to do it at its best?

Avoid dealing with individual bloggers:

If you are searching relevant and high quality blogs through Google the job is not that easy. You don’t know whether a blog accepts guest post or not, let it be it free or paid.  Moreover it is time consuming if you are rummaging a number of blogs for guest posting.

Plus you are not sure whether your post will be published within due time or not.  Contacting individual bloggers for guest posting is bit difficult as you don’t have a standard price rate or a formal agreement.

Dealing with a company hosted blogs is safer option:

It is a good idea to contact a SEO company who hosts number of quality blogs across any theme – all maintained internally. The advantages of dealing with them are manifold as follows:

  1. You have a single point of contact. No need to handle hundreds of contacts and wasting time in it.
  2. No need to rush, as you won’t run out of time. A complete list of guest blogs will be given to you.
  3. You have ample choice to choose the best ones. You can check with blog layouts, traffic, page rank and other parameters at your discretion.
  4. Such blog networks are well professionally maintained so you don’t have to worry about link life. Once you get a deal it will be as per terms and conditions only.
  5. You are sure about the budget to spend from the very beginning. Any transaction related matters can be solved very easily since the company will keep a track of every deal you make.
  6. Since you have access to any number of blogs in any topic you need the whole process gets quicker.
  7. Reliability, stability and easy communication are what make this guest blogging option a better choice.

Measure the quality of a blog:

Don’t always run for Page Rank (PR) of a blog.  Even a well maintained, theme related, great looking blog may not have a high PR. What is most important here is the number of backlinks and traffic a guest blog has.

Check if the blog categories suit your website requirements. 1 or 2 inbound links from a decent-looking blog carries much weight than a high PR but irrelevant blog. Stick to blogs that actually looks like a blog, not a site with link deposits.

Thus you can capitalize on guest blogging benefits. If you have any queries ask for expert advices.

Sanat Singha

Sanat Singha looks after Corporate Communications and Relationship Management for overseas clients at Softz Solutions. He also leads content writing and blogging team which always inspires him to do something new and productive. Prior to Softz Solutions Sanat worked with Cyber Media India Online Ltd.(CIOL) and Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. With more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing and ad sales he continues to deliver strategic inputs wherever and whenever required.

A Master in Science from Calcutta University and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Marketing Management from AIMA, Bangalore, Sanat grew up scaling advertising and media industry, both online and offline. He was a Semester Topper in 2006-2008 batch (IBMR, Bangalore) and was awarded with Gold Medal for his achievement.


On a personal level he is an acute blogger and a singer. You may catch him up cooking delicious dishes on weekends. Follow him on Google Plus.

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