How to be a Good SEO Client

This article is a prelude to my previous post: Are you a Good Seo Client

Some SEO campaigns do not perform to the fullest potential. There can be many factors behind this which are beyond the scope of this article. Rather I want to point out one factor that contributes to underperformance of an SEO campaign.

Some SEO campaigns underperform due to the client not being a good Seo client.

Quite frequently I come across clients that hand over site to an SEO and wash their hands off, till the time when the ranking reports are due.  If you are such an SEO client it is about time you changed your approach.

You need to be a good SEO client. Being a good SEO client ensures that your campaign(s) run smoothly in time, resulting in maximum return for your SEO investments.

So how do you go about being a good SEO client?

I suggest a 6 steps formula.

  1. Clearly state what you want from the campaign.
  2. Participate in Keyword Selection.
  3. Answer Questions from Your SEO.
  4. Implement Changes suggested by your SEO.
  5. Allow Reasonable Time for rankings.
  6. Ask Questions

Clearly state what you want from the campaign.

As the business owner you should have a clear idea of what you want out of the campaign. High rankings / High Traffic / More Exposure / More Conversions … anything else?  What is it that you want? Express it clearly to your SEO. If you don’t then chances are your SEO will have a vague idea of what needs to be done, resulting in a directionless campaign wasting time and money. Worse still, you may get taken for a ride by unscrupulous operators, who will feed you all sorts of meaningless stats just to squeeze more money out of you.

Participate in Keyword Selection.

An SEO will (and should) of course perform keyword research for you as part of the agreement. But a key component of Keyword research involves understanding the target market well, and who knows your target market better than you?!  Provide feedback to your SEO about what people in your target market want, what terms they use etc. All this is valuable input that will help your SEO prepare a well rounded Keyword List targeting the appropriate terms for your business.

Answer Questions from Your SEO.

This one should be obvious. But, still I come across clients that do not bother to reply queries.  Your SEO needs to understand certain things about your business/site, and you are required to provide him the information.

For example, your SEO wants to know why you have those links to 3 external sites on the sidebar – are they partners, or paid sponsors or just random links? Or why you have that fixed text block at the bottom of each page – is it some kind of disclosure (some sites need such info) or you have put it just to make your page look good?  If you don’t reply to these queries how on earth your SEO is going to understand what to do with these issues?

Find some time to check mails (or phone calls) from your SEO and provide him the required information, if you want your campaign to be a success.

Implement Changes suggested by your SEO.

This is very important.  There will be changes suggested by your SEO during the optimization process. You are supposed to implement things as suggested. If your contract allows/binds the SEO to implement the changes, then let him do it. Do not interfere. If no such clauses are there in your agreement then be prepared to implement whatever is suggested by your SEO. Even minor tweaks here and there can bring about massive improvements in rankings. So implement things as suggested – invest in resources to bring about these changes. Failing to do so can only result in poor campaign performance.

Ask Questions.

Never take anything at face value! Ask questions. Get your doubts cleared by your SEO. A good SEO should provide you with satisfactory answers. But, do not overdo it. You should not be debating each and every action performed by your SEO. Ask only when you have reasonable doubt or want to know something – then leave the rest to the expert.

Allow Reasonable Time for rankings.

No SEO can guarantee you instant rankings – unless you consider PPC listings as organic results!

Typically you should allow at least 2 months of time to rank for any selected keywords. This is not to say that you cannot rank before 2 months, this is just a recommendation based on my own observations of client sites, and your mileage may vary a bit.

At the same time, you should not be pressing your SEO to rank at the top for ‘mortgage’ within 3 months of time!  Rankings take time. The more competitive the keyword, the more time it will take to rank. Do not try to push things too much in a short while even if you have the resources to do so – your site may only get burned by search engines beyond repair. Be reasonable with your expectations.

So, that’s it! Be a good SEO client and let your SEO campaigns soar above the competition!

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