Google Maps to Reinforce Your Local SEO Campaigns

Local SEO is becoming important for small businesses with increasing need to be easily found by local customers. And with renewed features and Google Maps, Google Places has made local SEO much easier for local vendors. Using Google Maps on your website will make it easier for the local consumers find you online quickly and spot your physical location with address, street views and driving directions.

Google Maps and Local SEO

Why Small Businesses Need Google Maps

It can be well explained with an example. Today, law firms comprise a large portion of small businesses that also have online presence. One specific characteristic of law business is that it has regional boundary. Even though there are international laws, lawyers mostly practice in compliance with the law of a specific country, state or territory. A lawyer just can not get away by providing online support only. It requires offline meeting and discussions in person to turn a visitor to a client.

So, it’s important that your prospective clients find your location with ease. SEO for lawyers makes sure that the law firm’s site ranks well while optimizing for Google Maps can help you rank in local search (with place name in the key phrase) and pull in visitors who are looking particularly for the service you offer. In a way Google Maps relates online negotiation to offline business activity. This is applicable for other businesses as well.

Advantages of using Google Maps…

It’s free: Some major advantages of Google Maps are that it is free and easy to use. Website owners don’t have to be expert in search engine optimization to ensure optimal use of Google Maps.

Multiple map views: Google Maps gives users three options of viewing maps – normal view, satellite image and terrain view which they can utilize according to their needs.

Protected data: My Location feature can be utilized to determine your geographic location with advanced privacy settings to keep your data secured.

Geo-tagging: With geo-tagging application you can provide accurate information about your geographic position in the photos and images you upload on Google Maps.

Provision of Meta data: Meta data including appropriate title and keywords can also be fed with the uploaded images/photos on Google Maps to improve ranking.

Online reviews: With ‘Review Businesses’ option in Google Maps you have a chance of receiving customer reviews online. Positive reviews with your business related keywords can boost your ranking on Google local search as well as help in your brand marketing.

Dedicated mini-site for integration: Now with dedicated mini site ‘’ integrating Google Maps to a website gets faster and easier.

Updating your Geographic Data on Google Maps…

You can update your geographic data on Google Maps to display the correct and updated information about your business location from time to time. However, it is advisable that when you are targeting a particular region or city as your market on Google Maps search, you should have your office/showroom/outlet physically located their.

Adding Google Maps to your website’s contact page is easy even if you are not an SEO professional. Common users can select the Quick option and then follow the step-by-step instructions to fill up the necessary information fields.

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