Five Reasons Why A Social Media Marketing Campaign Fails

Five Reasons Why A Social Media Marketing Campaign Fails

With more than 500 million users spending “over 700 billion minutes per month” in various activities such as sharing, messaging, online games and others online business entrepreneurs just cannot afford to ignore the power of Facebook anymore. As social media craze taking over the virtual world internet marketers got busy in utilizing the opportunity of online marketing and promotion via social media networks.

Currently, there are thousands of promotional web pages and business user profiles already exist on Facebook. Even though they come up with games or other applications to promote their service/products, unfortunately several of those social media marketing campaigns are flop. Why? Where do they go wrong?

The reason is that marketers often forget that –

  1. It (social media) is a place for making friends, not customers.
  2. It is such a virtual world where people like to meet real people, not dealing with fake profiles.
  3. It is about sharing your friends’ problems and providing solutions, if possible, not advertising your stuffs.
  4. It is a place to care for friends (who are your target audience, in terms of marketing) and not being selfish to talk about one’s self/business only.
  5. It is about building relationships and not marketing (in its literal sense).

Once you succeed in building a long term and active relation with your ‘target audience’ on social media your job is half done. It is the strong bond of friendship that will make people in your network speak for you (your service/products) and recommend you in their network. And it is the power of recommendation and recognition that will help you build your brand online and offline.

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