Creating Content that Gets Shared and Generates ROI

Creating Content that Gets Shared and Generates ROI

You create a great content- an easy and consumable piece, and hit the publish button. You sit back and wait for the traffic to like and share it. But, the problem is that the content does not get noticed. It is, in fact, the toughest part of content marketing to get people read, share, and talk about your content. People are so busy writing content for every conceivable channel and customer profile, they often forget their aim- engagement.

You have to understand a simple thing. To get noticed, you do not need to generate heaps of content and wait to see whether one among them clicks. Instead, it is better to spend time and effort to design a single piece of content that can be positioned across all major channels and that increases customer engagement at all phases in the sales process.

How will you make others to read your content?

Imagine, when you browse through a magazine how you decide which article to read and which one to overlook? It is often the headline that pulls you towards the content. People are attracted towards the articles whose headlines evoke curiosity, appeal to emotion and offers a brief overview of the content. Therefore, our first lookout will be to create an attractive headline.

Many of us really do not know how a piece of content go viral. Successful viral content should do two things. It should draw audience pretty first and make them comprehend the content before they lose their interest. The second point is that the audience must get engaged with the article emotionally and feel the urge to share it.

The performance of online content can be affected by small changes in call to action, adjusting the timing of the post, optimizing an article for the search, where and how many social media buttons are placed, and even due to use of images.

Promote your content

Find out more sites for your content distribution. Search for the strongest sites for your niche market and audiences. To enhance your content footprint, consider posting the articles on sites like Forbes or Huffington Post. These authoritative sites accept contents on particular area of expertise.

Blog feeds and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) are great to improve the fresh content to the masses. The RSS deliver not only the updated news to the subscribers who are already in your feed, but it will also aware the feed catchers, widgets, and other applications that aggregate RSS content. RSS make sure that your content reaches to the people who want to receive it on real time. The more your brand will show up in the search result, more will be the chance for sharing.

Utilizing video content

Video content has become immensely popular. It is great way to communicate with your audiences and connect with them. Vimeo and YouTube both the channels enable users to upload video content. Vine and Instagram have transformed the concept of real time video sharing in the social media.

Videos are a great way to communicate as they are highly flexible. If you have not yet created a video content, it is high time to do so and promote it via effective channels. Whether it is the video content or content of any other forms, the obvious choice of any writer will be to promote it via social media channels.

Social Media shares

There is nothing to be surprised as marketers try to promote their content via social network. Considering the traffic of such sites they think that a piece of content will gain maximum number of shares from those sites. However, there are lots of stuff to read and watch on social media sites. The biggest challenge is to make sure that your content is better than all other stuff present there. When you are creating a content, it is always important to note why your audience will feel motivated?

Will the content:

  • Add value for the audiences?
  • Help the audiences to be entertained?
  • Be shared?

The NYTimes Insights in a study highlights the key factors that influence people share content. They discovered that sharing is all about relationship. They showed these key points that encourage people to share:

  • Bring valuable and entertaining content to the notice of others
  • Define themselves to others
  • Grow and nurture relationship
  • Make others aware of the brand they care about

Do you know that the words you use within the content also play a crucial role in getting the traffic? There are few words to use and certain words to avoid to gain traffic for your posts on the social media platforms. If your content is successful enough to gather shares and likes, can you conclude that it is contributing in the sales funnel, which is perhaps your ultimate goal. Without measuring the ROI, it is certainly not very certain to derive such a conclusion from only the number of likes and shares that a post derives from a social media profile.

Measuring the ROI

According to a survey conducted by Skyword, 25% of the marketers measure the ROI of their efforts to the content level. Majority of them are concerned about the likes and the comments that they receive. However, such data do not offer real insight. There are multitude of tools available for measuring the effectiveness of your content. But, most of the website owners use Google Analytics to measure the success of their content marketing strategy. The amount of data available from Google analytics is vast. Much of it can be used to find out your ROI. You may know the traffic received, time they have spent on a page, number of downloads, and the referral traffic.

Off course the pre-requisite of getting your content shared is to create a compelling content. There is simply no alternative for that. After you are successful in creating a remarkable content, make every effort to increase its reach. However, keep track of the revenue that your posts are able to bring home.

Madhurima Gupta

Madhurima Gupta is a digital marketing enthusiast and takes interest in online marketing, social media promotions and search engine optimization. She is associated with content writing, blogging and social media engagement. She is a content developer in Softz Solutions.

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